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  1. Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan to Mark 30th Anniversary

  2. Lost Boys & Girls of Sudan: Announcing Celebration and Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the 1987 Journey to Ethiopia

  3. A New Path for Managing the Governance of Oil Revenues in South Sudan

  4. EDITORIAL: In 2006, The New Sudan Vision Began Publishing Online

  5. A letter to President Kiir from the John Dau Foundation

  6. Invitation to Public Discourse: Documenting the 10th Anniversary of the CPA

  7. Book Review: Mandate of the People, by Margaret Ogola

  8. Advert: South Sudan Dialogue in Canada to Feature Dr. Luka Biong Deng

  9. SOMALILAND: An African Country Still Seeking Her International Recognition! What Lessons Should it Learn from South Sudan’s History?

  10. A wake Up Call to South Sudan’s “SEEDS OF NATION” GENERATION around the Globe

  11. Russia’s Annexation of Crimea Overshadowed South Sudan’s Crisis

  12. Jonglei MP calls for equity in South Sudan wealth distribution

  13. IMF official says South Sudan qualifies for up to $50 million in loan

  14. In Tanzania, Obama Calls for a Partnership With Africa to Aid Its Economy

  15. Obama, en Route to South Africa, Says He Bears Message of ‘Profound Gratitude’ to Mandela

  16. In Mandela, Obama Found a Beacon Who Inspired From Afar

  17. Africa: Obama’s Coming – So’s the Navy & the Air Force

  18. Conference Resolutions and Recommendations from Jonglei Peace Initiative in North America

  19. East Coast beats Midwest in Dinka Bor inter-regional U.S. wrestling competition

  20. Advert/Reminder: Midwest and East Coast teams to face off in a wrestling contest May 25, 2013

  21. U.S. gov’t donates $30 million to WFP for emergency operation in South Sudan-Press Release

  22. The Republic of South Sudan Joins the IMF and World Bank Groups: Press Release

  23. Member of Dutch Parliament, Kathleen Ferrier, hosts open discussion on South Sudan’s transition to democracy

  24. Freehand Books announces April 1 publication of new novel about Sudan

  25. Remarks by World Bank President Zoellick at the South Sudan Engagement Conference

  26. International Engagement Conference for South Sudan kicks off in Washington

  27. Texas A & M System helping South Sudan through agriculture

  28. Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and two others win the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011

  29. South Sudan President makes debut at the U.N.

  30. President Kiir to address the UN on Sept. 23

  31. New govt must prepare for scrutiny – U.S. activist

  32. Israel and South Sudan announce full diplomatic relations

  33. Key International partners to organize summit on North and South Sudan

  34. Remarks by UN Secretary-General at the welcoming of South Sudan as the 193rd Member State

  35. U.S. President Obama exhorts Sudanese leaders to work for peace

  36. Southern Sudan on the cusp of history as voters eagerly await independence

  37. Obama ‘presses’ regional leaders on Southern Sudan referendum

  38. Sarah Cleto Rial, a native of Southern Sudan, received The Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights

  39. LECTURE – AFRICA: Then, now and forever (PART 1 OF 5))

  40. World Bank would speed up membership for Southern Sudan in event of independence

  41. Rwanda pulling peacekeepers from Darfur over UN report

  42. Southern Sudan President adjourns dissolution of caretaker government, travels to Kenya to meet US Vice President Joe Biden

  43. AU’s top diplomat warns against southern Sudan secession

  44. Canadian Prime Minister invites Malawi, Ethiopia for G20 summit in Toronto

  45. Sudan among countries to benefit from ‘internet exports’ by U.S. companies

  46. U.S Ambassador condemns UN for not enforcing Sudan arms embargo

  47. United States Senators to arrive in Juba Thursday

  48. Sudan and Chad reach new pact on border security

  49. EU to send election monitors to Sudan in February

  50. Arab League to talk robust investments at its conference in Southern Sudan

  51. Gaddafi thwarted over AU position

  52. Analysis – African leaders solving own problems

  53. Senegal offers land to Haitians that want to come

  54. Zuma pushes for early election in Zimbabwe

  55. Hutus ‘killed Rwanda President Juvenal Habyarimana’

  56. Fragile Calm Holds in Darfur After Years of Mass Killings

  57. Clinton condemns recent Sudan crackdown on SPLM and northern opposition march

  58. President Salva Kiir escapes unharmed in a plane crash in Uganda

  59. Women assess continent’s progress since Beijing

  60. New deal to boost East African Community trade ties

  61. A soccer match in Sudan includes soldiers and guns

  62. Push for United States of Africa goes a notch higher

  63. White House’s New Sudan Strategy Fits Envoy’s Pragmatic Style

  64. Obama Drops Plan to Isolate Sudan Leaders

  65. Malawi windmill boy with big fans

  66. Sudanese boy brutally murdered in Kenya

  67. U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan softens tone on easing sanctions ahead of policy review

  68. South Sudan Mission in Europe fires at EU foreign policy chief’s “for unity” of Sudan comment

  69. Zimbabwe ready to move forward – Zuma

  70. Prominent Ugandan scholar criticizes ICC indictment of Sudanese president

  71. Clinton Presses Congo on Minerals

  72. Tribute: When Garang died, the world reacted swiftly

  73. East Africa nations demand greater share of Nile water

  74. South Africa riots press Zuma to live up to promises

  75. Obama calls for ‘good governance’ in Africa

  76. Africa: G8 Leaders Pledge to Meet Promises to Continent

  77. ICC prosecutors present appeal on Bashir’s controversial genocide charge

  78. Barack Obama urges Russia not to interfere in neighbouring states

  79. Fans and stars remember Jackson

  80. CECAFA 2009 Kicks Off in Khartoum

  81. Brazil beats USA 3-2 in the Confederations Cup final

  82. President Obama to visit Ghana in July

  83. Africa is a sleeping giant, says former Ugandan Vice President

  84. Relations between Sudan and Chad: souring and paradoxical

  85. US President Barack Obama to address Muslims in Egypt

  86. South African parliament elects Zuma as head of state

  87. Zimbabweans stress unity on Independence Day

  88. Mandela calls for unity at final ANC poll rally

  89. Israeli Prime Minister after Sudan report: We will target threats abroad

  90. U.S. accused of killing 39 In Sudan strike

  91. Al Qaeda No. 2: Sudan’s president pandered to West

  92. Former Nigerian President: Why arrest Sudan’s Bashir who ‘has to fight a war to save his country?’

  93. Obama chooses Sudan envoy, to announce Wednesday

  94. Australia to probe into discrimination against Africans

  95. Arabs view indictment of Sudan president as act of imperialism

  96. Court approves voting for SAfricans abroad

  97. Opposition party leader warns Al-Bashir’s gov’t

  98. Kenyan military denies Southern Sudan President’s presence

  99. Waiting to helm South Africa: President or Convict? Or both?

  100. Sudan’s agony a shame on the entire world – Soyinka

  101. Mbeki appointed to mediate ICC-Sudan squabble

  102. Car wreck kills Tsvangirai’s wife

  103. Iran, Hamas defend wanted Sudanese president

  104. Clinton says al-Bashir can “have his day in court”

  105. Zimbabwean minister lashes out at UN rights chief

  106. Uganda captures LRA chief

  107. Of piety and profanity

  108. Hardened Obama plans new fights

  109. Zimbabwe’s PM: world needs to get over Robert Mugabe

  110. Gadafi: Africa must unite or die

  111. New Garang book silent on his controversial death