About Us

The NewSudanVision.com is an independent news website based in South Sudan and North America.

Founded in 2006 by South Sudanese college and university students who became motivated after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement put an end to the civil war, the website aspires to leverage the role of media as one of the fundamental tenets of a democratic, free, peaceful, transparent, prosperous, and well governed society.

The New Sudan Vision seeks to champion the dissemination of information to people to make well informed decisions on important issues pertaining to nation building. It is the South Sudanese online media that puts greater emphasis on news that is representative of the interest of all ethnic groups of the nation, and employs fair and objective reporting.

Due to the quality of ideas and information our website has been disseminating, our audience has grown tremendously among the Sudanese of all walks of life, including among individuals interested in the Sudans (North and South).

The website seeks to capture the postwar eloquence by serving as an incubator of ideas for a generation coming out of war, a generation which is on track to begin weaving its narrative.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge the information gap among the Sudanese people – both in the Sudan and in the Diaspora. We strive to educate and inform our people by providing objective, balanced, and reliable news and up-to-the- minute information analysis that is geared towards the promotion of a democratic, free, transparent, well governed and peaceful Sudanese society.

Vision Statement

To be the promoter and to see the press and media truly become one of the lasting pillars of a free, democratic, transparent, peaceful, well-informed and corruption-free Sudanese society.


Integrity is at the core of what we do, and our Editorial Policy Objective:

  • Bridges the information gap and inspires imagination among the South Sudanese, who thirst for objective, balanced and reliable information during this post war era.
  • Educates people to take an informed decision-making approach in matters pertaining to the progress of South Sudan.
  • Promotes the time tested precepts and ideals of press freedom, peace building, justice, good governance, democracy, transparency, economic progress, equal political, social and economic opportunities for everybody.