SPLA Chief of General Staff Replaced

LTGEN James Hoth Mai


President Kiir has issued a decree replacing SPLA’s Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General James Hoth Mai with the Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Lieutenant General Paul Malong Awan. SPLA officials with the knowledge of these developments said that it was an expected scheduled change that was overshadowed by sacking of government in July last year and the advent of war in December.


Mr. Kuel Aguer Kuel in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has replaced LTGEN Malong as a Governor.


In another decree, former head of CID at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Marial Nuor, has replaced Major General Mac Paul Kuol, the Chief of Military Intelligence. However, this particular decree is confusing because MGEN Mac Paul Kuol has always been referred to as the Deptury Director for Military Intelligence. MGEN Marial was a Police General, accused sometimes back of responsibility in a murder of an Equatorian lawyer. He was arrested and eventually released due to lack of evidence.


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