The Joseph Kony of South Sudan: The case of David Yau Yau in Jonglei

yauyau2FARGO, ND – In geology, uniformitarianism is the assumption that the same natural laws and processes that operate in the universe now have always operated in the universe in the past and apply everywhere in the universe. It has included the concept that “the present is the key to the past” and is functioning at the same rates. This concept has been a key principle of geology and virtually all fields of science. One might ask what is this author is talking about? Please, bear with me and read between the lines.

If David Yauyau’s action in State of Jonglei in South Sudan is not Joseph Kony’s action in Northern Provence in Uganda then the theory of uniformatariaism in geology is invalid. Below is an explanation why I believe that “the present is the key to the past.”

3876048-3x2-700x467Historically, Joseph Kony’s revolution came into an existence with ideology of preventing Uganda’s People Defend Force (UPDF) from taking control of the nation’s power, and to protect the interest of the Acholi people. When it was defeated by UPDF, they resorted into human right abuses via rapping, looting properties, killing of elderly, women, and kids and causing other atrocities in the area. The above mentions are also true with case of Yauyau in Jonglei State. He angered against the SPLM after 2010 election’s results. He formed a revolution; thinking will stop the SPLM from ruling the nation. He also, thought that he will be the saver of his Murle community like Kony with Acholi community in Northern Uganda. As a result his failure led to destabilized and terrorized the entire State causing human right abuses similar to ones done by Kony in Uganda in last three decade. The present is the key to the past.

Not only that, Kony was an altar boy for several years but stopped attending church around the age of 15 and also dropped out of school. On the side of the aisle, Yauyau dropped out of formal education system and joined seminary thinking of becoming an evangelist and eventually an evangelist became a murder. He was following the lead of Mr. Kony. The present is the key to the past.

I hope I did not forget to mention that Kony’s action caused 100,000 plus lives (apart from the lives in neighboring countries such as Democratic Republic Congo, Central Africa Republic, and the Republic of South Sudan), and 1.7 internal displaced people. On the other side of a coin, Yauyau’s action culminated into ten of thousand lives lost and hundreds of thousands internal displaced people since 2010. Chances are very high that his action will overspill into Kenya and Ethiopia in near future as Kony did in RSS, CAR, and DRC. The present is the key to the past.

Do not forget that, Kony’s action has dearly caused a strong imbalance in the level of development and investment between Eastern & Northern Uganda on the one side, and Central & Western Uganda. This is not far away from the truth in Jonglei State due to Yauyau’s action. Currently, the communities of Jonglei State do not practice farming the way they used to farmed, leave alone the investors going to where has been known as dead zone, grave yard, playing field of vultures, and the valley of dry bones. The present is the key to the past.

Up to this juncture if you did not get where I’m going with this type-scribes then I think you are lost, you need to go back to beginning and start reading through it once more. No Kidding, I think by now the common sense dictated the answer.

In conclusion, with no further ado, the aim of this article is to let the national and international communities to be aware that there is no difference between a big evil and small evil; they are all evil at the end of the day. Therefore, seeing the comparison between Kony and Yauyau trend of human live abuses in those societies mentioned and the path which they are following, I’m convinced that there is no reason whatsoever, why David Yau Yau is or will not be labeled as a terrorist and indicted like Kony (his mentor). Unless people enjoy watching more blood being spilled over the land which had already saturated by blood since the 1950s.

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