Book Review: Mandate of the People, by Margaret Ogola


Mandate of the people, By Dr. Margaret Ogola…Reviewed by Reuben G. Panchol

“The ‘Youth’, used in a political context in Kenya, had little to do with a defined age group – it was rather anyone, usually unemployed, who was willing and capable and could be hired to do damage to an opposing group by means of hurling abuse, stone and others missiles at hand, as well as carry out other forms of political subversion” (Dr. Magaret A. Agola). Does this ring a bell to any of us? Yes, I am sure it does; especially in most if not in all the third world countries, particularly in Africa continent at large.

The Mandate of the People, by Dr. Margaret A. Ogola, was published by Focus Publisher Ltd in 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN: 9966-01-177-3. 168 pp. Personal Rating: 5 (outstanding). Amazon Digital Services, Inc. ASIN: B00F96ET0W. Kindle price is $ 5.99

Author’s Background

For few of us that were blessed and lucky enough to made it to Kenya in one piece regardless of all the odds the befall en of early 1990s had; especially those who had hearts and courage to go to school in the mighty sun of Turkana Land, you might be familiar with Dr. Margaret A. Ogola. Dr. Ogola was the Kenyan Author of The River and Source, I swear by Apollo and this very book Mandate of the People. Dr. Ogola earned her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1984 from University of Nairobi and Post Graduate Diploma on Planning & Management of Development Projects from Catholic University of Eastern Africa in 2004. Her life was cut short by cancer in September 2011 (Daily Nation). Rest in Peace Dr. Ogola


In this book Dr. Ogola presented very well a whole approach of African Politics, where by one-eye men among the blinds (the so-called politicians) claimed themselves to the messiah of their respective communities. People like of Gervase Kitamo Gwalla aka KG and JJ Sori have eroded the society to its core through corruption, egoism, and power hunger. Whenever, a messiah show up to save the powerless citizens and dig them out the poverty, they hunt him/her down like what King Herod to Jesus in New Testament. It is even worst when one is not a true son of the land. They start calling you names. When one insisted like Adam Leo Agade; they proceeded to a next level of malicious acts and find whatever main to do away with you and erased your deed in the mind of those poor citizens.

When it comes to politics, African intended to overshadow and underrate the power of the women. In this book power of women is real; it was through encouragement of Adam Leo Agade’s wife (Suzanna Talam – a lawyer by professional) that compelled him to go into politics in order to save the people of Migodi North constituency from the greedy politicians who had oppressed and switched off a light of hope for generations. For the wind of change (Pamoja Twaweza-‘Together we can’) to blow across Migodi land women like these of Bonareri Bikoti, Jamhuri Ewalan (aka Jamie), Anisa Mkubwa-Kisaka and Professor Josephine Kasina Sema, the winner of the Migodi South Parliamentary elections, and the rest of women who had gathered courage to come out to case theirs votes must stand still. These women over turned the table in the face of KG and Sori (Migodi North) and Haddai Kora (Migodi South). Change does not come generously; it takes the guts and one his/her commitment. No doubt such strong women exist in every community across the world.

Poverty will be of history and the most of African countries will witness democracy when their politicians start coming into politics to elevate the life of poor instead of ascending into power to enrich themselves and kinship. After Adam finished her education he starts a successful business and ventured into helping youth in the community to stand on their own feet by setting up Kenya Integrate Youth Organic Out-growers (KIYOO). Mr. Agade did not spend any shilling in term of bribing during his campaign trails; not because he can’t afford it but to show the migodian that they can survive on their own and do well in lieu of these selfish politicians; who always buy their ways into parliament and show up in community once after five years.

Dr. Ogola portrayed that women and young people at grass-root level the genuine agent of change in any community; especially when they are convinced and provided with true and achievable plans. In the book, Mr. Agade and Prof. Sema, saw this opportunity and picked up in order to save Migodian from evil rulers who have deceived them for long period of time. Young people and women are the experts drivers of true change, but one have to know how to press a right button on them in order to attain the change need in the society.

Despite all the roughness of the political roads in Migodi-Land, Mr. Agade (the son of Migodiian daughter) has successfully finished the racing line without bribing anyone within or outside the Migodi. The goal was achieved through help of women and young people at grass-root level. In my humble opinion, this book is a great asset for these who are interested in Political office and these who are inspired to see real changes in their respective communities, nations, social setting, and families. I would highly recommend all the readers to read this book and the other books that were written by Dr. Ogola.

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