International Engagement Conference for South Sudan kicks off in Washington

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (NSV)-  From December 14-15 2011, the United States will be hosting an International Conference dedicated to honoring the republic of South Sudan, which became the world’s newest nation in July.

Five months after declaring independence on July 9 2011, South Sudan will join Turkey, The UK, Norway, the United Nations, European Union, African Union, the World Bank, the Corporate Council on Africa, InterAction and International Finance Corporation for a two- day event aptly named to “commence a development and investment dialogue.”

All the countries and international bodies that will be attending have in the past pledged in one way or another their support to see South Sudan successfully go through or meet its goals  and challenges that will come with all the political, socio-economic transitions of creating a new nation. 

Thus “The conference will outline the Government of South Sudan’s strategic development priorities and highlight opportunities for engagement with public and private sector partners,” according to a press statement from the United States Agency for International Development.

The New Sudan Vision confirmed on Monday in a correspondence with South Sudanese  Embassy in Washington that a delegation of business and government leaders from South Sudan, led by President Salva Kiir,  “already arrived” in Washington.

The two-day Conference will “build on the U.S. Government’s long partnership with the people of South Sudan,” the USAID statement added.

“As the lead donor of humanitarian and development assistance for decades, the United States has helped to support the people of South Sudan as they establish peace and secure the strategic tools needed to build a nation.”

On the first day, the Conference will feature Dr. Rajiv Shah, the chief Administrator for USAID, after which President Kiir ” will articulate his vision for the development of his country, and Secretary Clinton will outline the USG’s commitment to South Sudan being able to meet its development challenges.”

And, the event schedule looked at by The New Sudan Vision shows the Conference will have full presentation by business and government officials from South Sudan, from moderators to panelists.

” The second day of the Conference will focus on private sector and invesment opportunities in South Sudan, in line with the priorities of the Government of South Sudan. This will include discussions of high-priority sectors such as oil and renewable energy, agriculture and communications technology. The Conference will also include discussions of policies to develop a business-enabling environment, for example, through infrastructure and financial services.”


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