Key International partners to organize summit on North and South Sudan


24 July, 2011 (NSV) – Turkey and Norway will soon host a summit in Istanbul on the future of North Sudan, according to a reporting by the Hurriyet Daily News.

Then in September the United States, with the assistance of Turkey, will also host a conference on South Sudan. That conference will run from Sept.26-27, and it will be held in Washington D.C.

This development comes two weeks after South Sudan became the world’s newest nation and it underscores the degree to which many of the world leaders are aware of the needs and challenges that come with starting a nation.

“Norway and Turkey have agreed to host a conference for Sudan, and the United States agreed to host a conference with the African Union and Turkey for South Sudan,” Raja Jandhyala, the USAID deputy assistant administrator for Africa, told the Hürriyet Daily News in an interview.

Aware of the fact that divorces such as the recent split of Sudan may not always be viewed as clean breaks after all, Jandhyala sounded this warning: 

“The longer [the problems] go unresolved, the greater the risk of instability is between the two. We think it is really important that they come back to the table. We urge both parties [north and south] to do so.”

To avoid any instabilities in future, world leaders have urged both North and South Sudan to be mindful of their long term secuirty and economic cooperation and to conclude negotiation around such issues as status of Abyei, oil and citizenship rights that have remained unresolved.

“We believe that Turkey has quite an important role to help us create a broad coalition of partners, both development and private-sector partners, to help South Sudan handle its challenges,” said Jandhyala.

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