Prominent Ugandan scholar criticizes ICC indictment of Sudanese president

Ugandan scholar Prof. Mahmood Mamdani criticized the ICC indictment of Bashir and Kony at a forum in Uganda on Tuesday
(NSV) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) was dancing to the “tunes” of Western nations when it indicted Sudanese President Omar Bashir, Ugandan scholar Prof. Mahmood Mamdani said Tuesday at a forum on Darfur at Makerere University.

“The government of Sudan committed lesser atrocities in Darfur compared to what US President George Bush committed in Iraq. Why didn’t the ICC issue arrest warrants against Bush?” Mamdani asked, in a report published by Uganda’s New Vision.

The Columbia University political science professor also said at the forum the indictment of Omar el-Bashir and LRA chief by the ICC only exacerbates rather than helps in quelling the violence.

“The way to address violence is not by criminalising perpetrators,” he said.

“We need to analyse why people are fighting. Find out the issues behind the endless civil wars and address them.”

While he acknowledged that both Bashir and Kony have committed atrocities, according to The New Vision, Mamdani suggested international NGOs had exaggerated the magnitude of the conflict in Darfur.

“The rule of law cannot be introduced from outside. We are not yet back into colonialism. These NGOs must be accountable to African governments,” he stressed.

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