Obama calls for ‘good governance’ in Africa

President Obama, speaking in Ghana
(Accra, Ghana) – On his first visit to Africa since becoming President, Obama chose Ghana. This has left many asking why. However, Ghana is seen by many as an example of what African governance should be.

Speaking to Parliament in Accra, President Obama called for ‘good governance’ in Africa and hailed Ghana thriving democracy. Ghana has created it positive outlook with peaceful transfer of power. It has become a ‘model of democracy’ in Africa. Obama’s visit will be a great boost to what Ghanians have already created: meaningful democracy. 

Obama argued that Africa is part of the world and Africa’s affairs are relevant to what happens in the world.

“We wanted to make sure to come to an African country after the G8 and after my business in Moscow to emphasise that Africa is not separate from world affairs.” Obama said

He acknowleged the colonial contributions to Africa’s problem, however, Obama said that the West is not responsible for all that happens in African. He added that the future of Africa is in the hands of Africans.

“…the West is not responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy over the last decade, or wars in which children are enlisted as combatants.”

Obama’s visit will be a positive challenge to African  leaders who have decided to entrench themselves in leadership, stalling their country’s developmen programs. This entrenchment leads to public discontent and wars.

These wars are what Obama called ‘millstone around Africa’s neck.’

Seeing the program some African nations have made, Obama said that ‘despite the progress that has been made – and there has been considerable progress in parts of Africa – we also know that much of that promise has yet to be fulfilled.’

Obama also acknowledge what the world media always ignores: the brighter side of Africa.

“Here in Ghana, you show us a face of Africa that is too often overlooked by a world that sees only tragedy or the need for charity.”

Ghanians and African will use Obama’s visit as a source of inspiration.

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