Brazil beats USA 3-2 in the Confederations Cup final

(Johannesburg, South Africa)–After an embarrasing first-half in which they were trounced 2-0 brazilby the U.S., Brazil came back to showcase their usually unrivalled  football talent in the second-half by scoring 3 impressive goals, winning the Confederations Cup sunday in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The first half became a phenemonon  for the US after Landon Donovan scored the first goal followed by Clint Dempsey’s. But more impressive was when Luis Fabiano scored two goals followed by Luciano’s third goal that led Brazil to their glorious victory.

On rewarding the players, prize annoucements were as follows: Luis Fabiano won the Golden Boot for being the top scorer, US Tim Howard won Golden Glove for being the best goalkeeper, Clint Demsey won the Bronze Ball for being the third best player.

Although it was a devastating loss for the US team, it sure will be  a chance for them to reflect on two best moments: one being their “miracle on grass” win against Spain Thursday,and second for coming close to winning the Confederations Cup. For them, this  also means a qualifying chance at playing during next year’s World Cup.

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