Relations between Sudan and Chad: souring and paradoxical


President el-Bashir of Sudan shakes hands with President Deby of Chad at the OIC summit in Senegal.

N’DJAMENA- (NSV) Chadian president Idriss Deby said on Saturday he would cut relations with Sudan and African Union for their failure to resolve the Sudanese-Chadian raw.

 “The Chadian government should evaluate, together with friendly countries, our relations with the African Union seeing its inability to find suitable solutions to crisis between Chad and Sudan,” Deby said at his palace.

Relations between N’jdamena and Khartoum have recently taken a negative turn just a week after they signed a diplomatic pact to resume co-operation.

N’jdamena accuses Sudan of backing Chadian rebels’ attempt to oust President Deby while Khartoum accuses N’jdamena of backing Darfur rebels.

Expressing his doubts in Sudan’s position on Doha agreement, Chadian spokesperson said  on their national radio on Tuesday that “while the ink has yet to dry on the Doha accord, the Khartoum regime has just launched several armored columns against our country.”

For this reason, President Derby said that “Sudanese cultural centres should be closed and schools financed by Sudan take over by the Chadian government.”

Deby added that any resolution will only be passed through United Nations.

This is a big blow to diplomatic solutions to the Sudan-Chad problem and AU position as Africa’s solution apparatus. This also kills any hope that African can solve it own problems.







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