Southern Sudan President adjourns dissolution of caretaker government, travels to Kenya to meet US Vice President Joe Biden


President Salva Kiir (left) travels to Kenya Tuesday to meet with US Vice President Joe Biden (right)

(Juba NSV) – Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the semi-autonomous government of southern Sudan will head to Kenya on Tuesday where he’s slated to meet US Vice President Joe Biden, whom the White House said was in Africa “to discuss a full range of bilateral and regional issues,” ahead of the World Cup in South Africa.

The adjournment of the dissolution of the caretaker government today means the post-interim period government will not be set up until Kiir returns.

Last week, the NCP and the SPLM agreed on forming the Sudan government of national unity. The SPLM will grant the NCP 3 ministries in the Government of southern Sudan and 10 ministries in the governments of the 10 states of the south.

The NCP, on the other hand, will apportion to the south all the ministries it occupied in the last five years but Foreign Affairs, which is being traded for the ministries of International Cooperation and Energy—the latter has been split into three by the NCP: Oil and Petroleum, Electricity and Mining.

SPLM will now keep the ministries of Oil & Petroleum and International Cooperation.

New details on Southern Sudan Referendum Commission has confirmed an agreement between the SPLM and the NCP on the representation and membership of the Referendum Commission. The Commission will be represented by nine members, 5 from the south, and 4 from the north.

The head of the Commission will be from the north, while a southerner will deputize him. The GoSS said it chose the deputy chair of the Commission because the law says the deputy chairperson of the Commission shall take charge of the Southern Sudan Referendum Office, which will carry out the Referendum.

Ambrose Riiny Thiik, former Chief Justice for Southern Sudan, was SPLM’s initial pick for the deputy of the Commission.We do not know the details surrounding his replacement with the Vice President of the Supreme Court of Southern Sudan, Chan Reech Madut.

President Bashir is yet to issue an order appointing the nine nominees to the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission.

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