2016 Nyarweng Dinka Community USA National Reunion and Conference

Nyarweng Community


For Immediate Release

June 16, 2016

*Press Release*


From: The Nyarweng Mobilization Team (NMT)

To: Nyarweng Community USA Members and Fellow South Sudanese Community Members.

CC: Mayen Makoor Guot, President, Nyarweng Community USA

     : Akol Maker Galuak, Vice President

     : Deng-Mardit Mabil Deng, Secretary General



Date: 06/13/2016




Re: Nyarweng Dinka Community USA National Reunion and Conference to Be Held In July


Dear fellow brothers and sisters,


Each and every one of you is invited to come and enjoy fellowship of brotherhood and sisterhood of the Nyarweng people in Fargo, ND, this year, from July 1st – July 4th, 2016.


The overall goals of the re-union and conference are three-fold.

  1. Fellowship with one another in a family-like- reunion of members traveling from all corners of the USA, and Canada.
  2. A collective reflection on our past 15 years; in surging for a new path, and a new direction, and a new vision.
  3. Formation of a new leadership committees (to lead the new path, and new vision) Since Nyarweng Community is a membership based 501©3 Non-profit organization, the general assembly convening this year will establish the scope of the new leadership structures, to be occupied with all to be -elected -new officials.  
  4. Out going Executive Office/Board of Directors’ reports on the programs, projects, emergencies and finances, and the 501 © 3 legal status, from 2010 to the present.
  5. The reunion concludes with Nyarweng traditional dance, and an evening party, to which all South Sudanese are invited to participate.


The mobilization team wishes to thank the follow individuals for having exercised exceptional leadership:


Nyarweng Council of elders:

  1. John Malueth Makuach
  2. Lim (Agut-makec) Manyiel Lim
  3. Goi Deng Goi
  4. Makuei Bol Atem
  5. Mathiang Lem Yiep
  6. Gol Riak Makuei
  7. Deng Jogaak Deng
  8. Garang Aleer Garang

Nyarweng Community current Leadership

  1. Mayen Makoor Guot, President
  2. Akol Maker Galuak. Vice President
  3. Deng-Mardit Mabil Deng, Secretary General

Nyarweng Community former Presidents

  1. Deng Awan Chiengkuach
  2. Chol Pech Aleer

Nyarweng women representatives

  1. Mary Amou (Nyawaraga) Ruot, President
  2. Yar (Dana Abun) Dau Ajak, Vice President

Nyarweng Leadership of the hosting state of North Dakota

  1. Aleer Lueth Goi, Chairman
  2. Majur Deng Mabior, Vice Chairman


Thank you!


Yours sincerely,


Samuel Majak Anyang: 904 881 6831

Thon Kamic Chan: 806 651 9756

Duot Dau Duot: 281-763-8015

Deng Majok Chol: 617-599-3309


For email, contact:


1. Deng-Mardit Mabil Deng

E-email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Majak Anyang Goc

E-email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*On behalf of the 19-Member Mobilization Team.





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