Twic East Community-USA to Elect New Leadership In July 2016


The Twic East Community-USA, Inc. (TEC-USA) Guiding Principles for presidential candidates

July 1 – July 4, 2016

February 22, 2016        


Washington, DCWe, the Electoral Committee members of Twic East Community-USA, Inc. (TEC-USA) are pleased to share and inform all members of the “ 2016 Guiding principles for presidential candidates.”   We would be remiss if we don’t acknowledge that to lead TEC-USA is a privilege every member of TEC-USA is welcome to express interest in.  It is a civil right you are entitled to (“Yin lëu ba ya bany de Twï”).  However, one should consider the following general requirements and qualifications: Candidates must meet the following criteria. These criteria were pulled out from TEC-USA, Inc. Bylaws and Constitution.

  1. Must be a member of Twic East community living in the United States.
  2. At least 21 years old (prior to or on the day of taking office).
  3. Must be in good legal standing (not convicted of any known crime).
  4. He or she must pay his/her membership dues or membership fees.
  5. Must be literate or have a high school diploma. (TEC-USA is a legal entity which relies on public and members donations). Therefore, a minimum academic achievement is required.
  6. Presidential ticket shall have three key positions identified such as President, Vice President, and Secretary.
  7. 7.He/she must pay a non-refundable candidacy filing fee of $300.00. Post Office money order payable to Twic East Community-USA, Inc.
  8. He/she must have two letters of recommendation- one from his/her Payam and community of origin in Jonglei state, South Sudan and the other letter from State of residency in the United States (the letter must be from a state leader of TEC-USA. Letter from your payam and community must indicate that your membership is in good standing.
  9. He/she must have attended one of the physical meetings in the last two years of Payam or Twic East Community (members of the electoral committee are silence on this requirement)
  10. Candidates must come from state where Twic East community is organized and operational (members of the electoral committee are silence on this requirement).
  11. 11.Package checklist: You must submit a complete application (please review the package checklist). Incomplete application will not be considered.
    1. Package checklist:
      1. Complete application: Make sure your application is complete. Click here.
      2. Expression of interest/cover letter: answering why you are running for TEC-USA Office
      3. Resume/CVs: Your resume and of your running-mate (i.e. you, VP & Secretary.
      4. Endorsement/letter of recommendation: from your Payam and community leader. All the letters must have the contact information (telephone and email) and leader title.
      5. Application fee: one non-refundable money-order in the amount of USD$300.00. No personal check please. Only US Post Office Money order payable to Twic East Community-USA, Inc. Send fee and registration form to below address by NO LATER THAN APRIL 30, 2016
      6. Half photo
      7. A brief and concise Bio of you and running-mate (one page for both of you and running-mate. Send your Bio and photo by e-mail to attention of Biaar Gak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please mail your package to:

TEC-USA: C/O Biaar Gak

5597 Seminary Road, Apt # 502

Falls Church, VA 22041

Thank you for your cooperation.

Name Title Telephone
Deng Akur Mabior Member & Chairperson (540) 537-4290
Kuek Aleu Biaar Member & Deputy Chairperson (904) 520-2616
Biaar Gak Biaar Member & Secretary (215) 983-9857
Ajak Dau Akech Member (520) 419-5065
Atem Wal Atem Member (682) 221-8488
Dhieu Lueth Juac Member (571) 277-6139
Yuot Alaak Pageer Member (580) 461-9242

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