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April 08, 2019                                                                                           

                                                                                                              PRESS STATEMENT ON NYUAK INAUGURAL REUNION

                                                                                                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



OMAHA, NE – The first ever reunion of Nyuak Community in the United States was held on Saturday, March 30, 2019. This was a historic occasion filled with excitement and inspiring optimism about the future of Nyuak as a vibrant community. Our objective for the reunion was to bring people of Nyuak living in the United States together to share ideas and to reconnect with one another; that mission was achieved on March 30th. The attendees were enthusiastic about the outcome of the reunion. The event concluded with the inception of a new nonprofit organization, known as Nyuak Community Development (NCD). The inception process leading up to the formation of NCD was witnessed by Twic East County former commissioner, honorable Dau Akoi Jurkuch. NCD will be headed by Garang Mapior  Agany as its interim president. The mandate of NCD interim committee is to draft bylaws and organize general elections in due time, as stipulated in the guidelines.

      To all members of our community around the globe and all our members in the USA in particular, March 30, 2019 was an important day in the history of our community. It took us almost 18 years to come together as a community, but with our true convictions and unwavering love for the community, we have once again converged to reconnect, reinvigorate, and rejuvenate our alliance with commitment and support for our Community. We are grateful to all the people who supported us in good faith. To all Nyuak community members who were present and to those who were absent, Nyuak Community Development belongs to all of us. In order to succeed as a community, we need to stand with each other in solidarity to uphold the integrity and values of our community.

      With this renewed spirit and commitment, Nyuak Community has re-emerged stronger than ever before. However, we as a community still have many challenges ahead of us. One of those challenges is to persuade our members to put aside our differences and coalesce around our shared values in order to reclaim our sense of unity. Together, we can make significant impact in the lives of our people and of future generations.



Gabriel Garang Mapior

Interim President

Nyuak Community Development (NCD) Inaugural Committee


Below are some of the photos from the inaugural event:


Photo 3

 Center Left: Former Twic East Commissioner Hon. Dau Akoi Jurkuch/ photo courtesy of Michael Awooch Photography


Photo 2

Nyuak Women’s Group /Photo courtesy of Michael Awooch Photography


Photo 1 














Nyuak Community Inaugural Reunion Committee/ Photo courtesy of Michael Awooch Photography


Photo 4

Nyuak Interim Administration /Photo courtesy of Michael Awooch Photography




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