The 2016 GBC-USA Annual Conference to Be Held in Grand Rapids, Michigan


The 2016 GBC-USA annual conference/Awak de Michigan to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan


September 2-5, 2016

For Immediate Press Release


Dear Greater Bor Community members in the United States of America and our friends, we are here to inform you that the 7th annual conference/Awak de Michigan this year is taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We ask all people to plan to attend this great event. On this year’s Awak de Michigan, not only do we do the usual things but there is going to be an election for the next leader of GBC-USA.

As we always tell people every year, Awak de Michigan is instrumental in bringing people together to socialize and meet again and therefore, fostering our unity. It is a great opportunity for us to inspire each other and go back with energies that keep us going until the next Awak de Michigan. Therefore, it is an important event that deserves investing in to attend.

Below is the breakdown of the Event Programs:

Friday 2, 2016:

Community Leadership (County, Payams, Bumas, States, Spiritual and elders) will sit for a Meeting: Here, the GBC leadership will give reports on progress, challenges to overcome and the way forward. The meeting time will be 3pm-11:30pm. All the leadership mentioned about is strongly encouraged to attend. We will be discussing critical issues including possible name adjustment due to the change at home in which now Greater Bor has become Jonglei State. There is an ongoing dialogue on this issue that will get finalized on Friday night by the above leadership and will be announced to the General Assembly on Saturday.

Saturday 3, 2016:

The General assembly will sit for a meeting. Keynote speakers and elders will give keynote addresses on several topics, i.e. social, economic, political, and cultural. We will be doing a pictorial of unity using state, organized group and regional cooperation among states as units of focus. The community, group and regional states chosen will be announced soon. The meeting and election will all take place during this time frames from 11am-11pm. Thank you all in advance for your continued support to this leadership and your commitment to this community and our nation.

After the meeting and election, we will briefly celebrate with musics: It is open to the public. Several singers will perform. There is no fee for this happy hour unlike what we have done in the past. It is because we have a huge party being professionally organized on Sunday by Mabior Kuany Mabior and the Artist being presented is Aluong Majok Mach Aluong. Mabior Kuany will inform all of you on the entry fee and all other essential information. He will release his own advertisement about it.

Sunday, September 4, 2016:

The Conference will end with Prayer Services at a Church and Awak (dance) at 4pm at a park and the party to be publicized by Mabior Kuany Mabior.

Monday, September 5, 2016: Depart in peace.

Again, come one, come all.

Signed by: The GBC-USA leadership

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