Obituary: Dr. Toby Maduot Parek, Chairman of SANU and member of SSLA is dead


Late Dr. Toby Maduot. 




(Juba, South Sudan) – Dr. Toby Maduot Parek, Chairman of the Sudan African National Union (SANU), member of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) has passed away after a valiant struggle with illness.

Late Dr. Toby Maduot was born in Rualbet in Tonj North County in 1936, and after early studies in his native Tonj and secondary school at Ahfad in Omdurman, he completed his medical training at Charles University in Czechoslovakia.

Following his return from Eastern Europe in 1965, he worked as a medical doctor in central Sudan and Khartoum, and then joined politics as a SANU member under the leadership of late William Deng Nhial. He held posts as a Minister at the Presidency in Khartoum in 1969, and then as the first Southern Commissioner of Bahr El-ghazal in 1971.

After the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972, he was elected to the People’s Assembly and named the first Minister of Health of the Southern Regional Government. He subsequently held the Information and Housing portfolios under the then High Executive Council for Southern Sudan. However, his greatest contribution was in his field as a Medical Doctor who selflessly served in the all corners of Sudan, and especially during the years of the second civil war when his clinic in ElHaj Yousif in Khartoum was a sanctuary and refuge for thousands of displaced South Sudanese and other marginalized Sudanese living in the shantytowns of Khartoum.

He never let down his activism against the successive despots of Khartoum, and was thus subjected to countless episodes of arrest and intimidation over the last 30 years. His Humanitarianism and commitment to democracy and human rights will remain his shining legacy for years to come. Late Dr. Toby Maduot was a husband to Mrs. Carmen Kwei Mawien, Late Mrs. Victoria Yar Arol and Mrs. Sarah Paul Lako. 18 children and 12 grandchildren survive him. The funeral will be held at his resident in Hai Cinema close to the National Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The Family and Friends of Dr. Toby Maduot Parek

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