After Conference: A Thank You Note from the Leadership of Bor County, USA.

Bor county

The office of Bor County, USA,

Annual conference- concluded on May 26, 2014

A thank you note from the leadership of Bor County, USA,


The leadership of Bor County owes much gratitude to Bor County leadership in Grand Rapid, Michigan, for successfully hosting our annual conference. Chairman Deng Anyar and the organizing team under the leadership of Gong Bior were magnificent in facilitating our conference. We can’t thank you enough for the integral role you had played in putting the two days conference together.


On the same note, our office would like to acknowledge the leadership of Greater Bor under Beny Deng Lueth and James Maluak Malou as well leadership of Twic East County for their unwavering support and extraordinary unifying speeches. The secretary of information, Lual Dau, Twic East County, USA and Lual Deng Awan, Twic East office, Michigan, delivered inspiring and electrifying messages of solidarity among the people of Greater Bor, USA.


Our special thank you goes to our brothers and sisters who joined us from Canada.   Among the quests that came from Canada were Dr. Kok Ayom and Rev. Malith Jongkuch. They uniquely facilitated our conference. Rev. Malith was very vocal in advocating for financial contribution to secure developmental projects back in our home land. He repeatedly appealed to Bor County members to commit a monthly due of $20; this amount would equate to quarter million dollars a year if only 1000 persons committed to pay $20 monthly, citing that such amount would make a difference in our pursuit for development.  Rev. Jongkuch remarks were very reassuring.


Our County conference was concluded on Sunday May, 26th 2014, with a last notes from our Chairman, Mabior Achiek Chaw. Daniel Achiek appealed to the people of greater Bor and Bor County in particular to remain United regardless of any challenges. He advises his audience to stay away from any negative matters, especially the negative campaign presently taking place on the social media. He also urged the people of Bor County to get prepared for an upcoming election next year. So the ball is in the court of every member of Bor County, although, he personally did not rule out seeking another term.


The focus of this year conference was on crisis assessment and intervention. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that our conference was a great success! Many members contributed great ideas for turning this community around. The event concluded well with electrifying presentations. Our office is deeply grateful for all those who attended and show support during this time of our national crisis. We also like to extend our gratitude to members who wishes to attend but couldn’t make it due to other personal circumstances. We raised a substantial amount of cash monie that will be used to provide needed services to our people back home. Thanks once again for your show of solidarity and generosity.


Released by office for information,

Kwai Akech Kwai

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