ADVERT: The 2014 Bor County Annual Conference set for May 23rd-26th in Michigan

Bor county


Bor County important announcement!

For Immediate Release


Dear Leaders and General public:

Bor County leadership seeks to inform leaders of Bor County, sectional and Payam leaders alike, leaders of our neighboring Counties of Duk and Twi, Greater Bor leadership, as well as our general populace that Bor County will be holding its annual conference/general Assembly meeting on Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-26th, 2014 Grand Rapid, Michigan.

The Memorial Day weekend is a day set forth by the Bor County leadership to carry out its festivities every year.

We are urging and reminding all the members of our counties of Duk, Twi, and Greater Bor at large to cooperate, reserve, and respect the Memorial Day weekend for Bor County festivities.

A clear conflict of interest had derailed our activities last Memorial Day weekend in Omaha, Nebraska . We wish not to see a recurrence of what had happened to repeat itself again.

We are here to put everyone on notice that it will not serve our greater interest if we hold conferences concomitantly. We would not like to see the same thing happening again to our County, Duk County, Twi County East, and the Greater Bor.


Bor County leadership

Chairman, Daniel Mabior Achiek Chau

Released by secretary of information, Kwai Akech Kwai

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