Advert/Reminder: Midwest and East Coast teams to face off in a wrestling contest May 25, 2013


It is confirmed: The Midwest and East Coast Wrestling Match is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2013

We have confirmed and want to announce publicly that the United States South Sudanese Lost Boys Interregional Wrestling contest between the Midwest and East Coast is on Memorial Day weekend Saturday, May 25, 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Midwest and East Coast chairmanships and their organizing committees desire to extend their gratitude by inviting all the entire South Sudanese communities and neighboring societies to come and share this traditionalized contest between the Midwest and East Coast. This has been a lengthy wait; perhaps it is two weeks away to be on the battle stage.

Our interregional chairmanships have been concisely working together to ensure every participant and partaker has an enjoyable experience during the contest. We are implementing every aspects of the contest to be enjoyable and memorable. We adore working with you and maximizing your wishes during the event social get-together.

Throughout life, freedom can come in the course of struggle and stay for ages. Preceding to the weekend of wrestling will be National 16th May, an annual observance that honors our heroes, men and women, deceased friends, widows, orphans, disabled and everybody who has been claimed by this struggle to bring freedom to our country. We are calling everyone’s attention to take pleasure and celebrate the week of our long struggle for our land. During the event, we will exclusively make the first move by signifying our dignities to honor the formation of the “16th May, 1983” Long Live SPLA/SPLAM.

Our celebration would be greatly enriched by your community’s participation. We are asking key community groups such as yours to join us in our festival as our residents.


The occasion activities will encompass:


  • The Wrestling will be hosted at the park, while the party and other activities will be performed indoors. In order to be a partaker and reserve your spot for the event, we acknowledge that you purchase your tickets. The tickets will be available and for sale at the door of the event entry. There are two sorts of tickets and with different pricing level individual and family tickets. The individual ticket is $5, while the family ticket is $10; both husband and wife with children of 17 years of age and below. If you plan to attend both activities, please purchase your tickets at the wrestling rehearsal in the park. You will use your tickets to gain access for both activities regarding wrestling rehearsal and the party. These tickets are not limited nor are we obligated to purchase your tickets for any reason.
  • Invited speakers’ presentations;
  • South Sudanese lead singers to perform;
  • South Sudanese tribal traditional performances;
  • We will have computers up for auction. There are tickets being issued from now until the last day of the event. Each computer will be auctioned and marked down for 20 tickets and each ticket is $15.00. There are 6 computers available for auction, please be informed and get ready for huge deals;
  • We will have t-shirts for sales. Each t-shirt will be sold for $15 dollars and above. This money will also go toward funding the United States South Sudan Lost Boys Interregional Wrestling Initiative. Please contact me if you desire to purchase a t-shirt for yourself.
  • Party all night long;
  • And more activities to be launched as we go live at the Event Center.


Below is the detailed information about the event;


Wrestling Outdoor Park: Wagner Field


Start Time: 1:00PM – 4:30PM Central Time

Traditionalized Dances 5:00PM – 6:30PM


Driving Directions

1.Head West from Omaha Downtown onto 80 W toward S 84th St

2.Slight right to merge on I-80 W

3.Take exit 448 for 84th St.

4.Turn left on S 84th St

5.Turn left onto Lakeview St

8202 Lakeview St, Ralston, NE 68127

Ralston Middle School Baseball Field (East of School).


Show: Text only | Map | Street View

Show: Text only | Map | Street View

Park Breakout 6:45PM


Party Venue: Indoor:

Start Time: 7:00PM – 3:00AM Central Time



Driving Directions

1.Start out from Omaha Downtown going South on 24th St toward Martha St.

2. Turn left onto Martha St.MapHide Map MapHide Map

3. Take right onto 20th St.MapHide Map


S 20th St is just past S 21st St

  • If you reach S 19th St you’ve gone a little too far


2902 S 20th St, OmahaDouglas County, NE 68108 on the right.

  • Your destination is just past Bancroft St
  • If you reach Oak St you’ve gone a little too far.

We hope you can join us for this fun and meaningful activity. Please call me at 402-320-399 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know if your group will be participating.




Jacob Aguer Ajang                                            

Midwest Wrestling Initiative Chairman            



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