Riot in Khartoum after Sudan hangs nine Darfur men in connection with editor's death

Khartoum - (NSV) -
Slain Mohammed Taha
At the funeral of the 9 Darfur men accused of killing editor of  daily al-Wifaq newspaper, Mohammed Taha, angry relatives rioted, burning down shops and cars in South of Khartoum, Reuters reports.
A crowd of about 5000 attended the funeral of the executed men. Reuters reports that a small group in the crowd shouted the name of Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM). SLM is one of the Darfur rebel group fighting the Sudanese government for greater autonomy.

Mr. Taha was seen as a controversial figure. He was abducted on September 4, 2006 and later found beheaded. His death shocked the world. 

The executed men were said to have been angered by Taha's comment about Sudanese president Beshir and prophet Mohammed. The defence argued that the executed men were embittered by Mr. Taha's published article about the prophet prompting their action.

However, human right groups see the execution as politically motivated.

Amnesty Internation deputy director in African said that  the men "were arbitrarily arrested, tortured and then subjected to an unfair trial."

The nine men were hanged in front of Taha's relative in Khartoum. The men were subjected to extreme torture and any confession extracted out of the men is seen by critics as inadmissible.


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