Lam Akol: still fighting...


Dr. Lam Akol (Aljazeera)


So there is still infighting in the SPLM, you must have heard by now.

Dr. Lam Akol, the former Sudanese Foreign Minister who was ousted by his party from his position for toeing pro-NCP stance on issues is back again in the news.

On Wednesday Lam Akol blasted SPLM spokesperson for northern sector Yien Mathew for suggesting that he and another SPLM official, Ghazi Suleiman should be banned from the SPLM for allegedly not believing in the party's vision.

First it was the turn of Yein Mathew on Sudan Radio Service. “We have been following the two former comrades very closely and their activities. The SPLM national secretariat felt that they are involved in activities that are contrary to the general political line of the party, from a political, social and economic point of view. We believe they misrepresent the position of the SPLM. They even went further to gathering people and making secret and mysterious meetings and talking about a party that they are about to form.”

Then came on a fighting Akol.  “Well, in the first place, it was said by a certain Yien Mathew whom I don’t remember to be a member of the SPLM, and therefore what we said is that we would want to hear from the leadership of the SPLM. If they confirm, then we react. If they deny then we don’t need to react. So we are waiting for them to ascertain whether what was said by this young man is the official position of the leadership of the movement.”

Interesting. I thought Akol was no longer in the SPLM since he was replaced as FM.


Bashir: 'We want a reunification '


Dictator Bashir in Darfur Wednesday (Photo: Reuters)


I am laughing out loud (lol) today. Why? Because our so-called Sudanese president Omar Bashir is really in a corner. 

I mean, think about his Wednesday visit to Darfur, it smacked of desperation.

Well, that's not what's new. Ready?

"We want to reunify the people of Darfur and we call on all our sons and brothers who bear arms to put them down," Bashir said on his second visit to Darfur since the ICC arrest warrant, said AFP. 

He goes on:

"We tell them you have taken up arms to demand development and development has now started and it continues," Bashir said.

"Our response [to the ICC] is to bring electricity to Darfur, more buildings, schools, water, more hospitals. We want a reunification of the people of Darfur."

 Oh boy, sighSurprised.  Starts to sound like the Field Marshall is on a campaign trail.

"It's not the US or Britain who chooses the president of Sudan but the Sudanese people," he said. 

But interesting still is how many Darfuri are cheerleading, if not being frog-marched to do Bashir's bidding. 

"Oh Bashir, we sacrifice our soul and blood," the crowd shouted in the village of Sabdo, near the South Darfur town of Al-Daien.

"Bashir is the hero of Sudan, we will defend him to the death," a toothlessLaughing old man named Mohammad told AFP.

I want to be optimistic given all the signs of desperation but the French say 'for things to stay the same, they must appear to be changing..."  So yeah.  Your turn.

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