Southern Sudanese brush aside plan for 'animal shaped cities'


(The Net NSV) - Wouldn't it be great if southern Sudan becomes the only place on earth where its cities are designed like its animals and fruits?

Wouldn't Juba be the most visited city on earth if it looks like a buffalo from sky? And wouldn't Wau be very popular with tourists if it resembles a giraffe? And Yambio a pineapple?

That vision is precisely what the southern Sudan ministry of housing and physical planning is trying to realize.

However, Southerners are not buying into the government's seemingly elitist view of development.

Here are a few samples from those who responded to this debate on Facebook:

“Why do I get the feeling that this "cities shaped like animals" is some joke or an attempt at satire? Something is off” - Parek Maduot

“[It's] the best news if only we gurantee the politcal will and courage to see it through. Otherwise it will place us atop the globe as the most humorous region ever known!” - Joseph Deng Garang

“The use of animals and such imagery just baffles. It is as if someone woke up and thought, "Wow, would it not be great if we had cities shaped like animals and fruits?" Livable cities have certain attributes, like roads and sanitation and clean water systems..etc...Why not focus on those instead of this comedy.” - Parek Maduot

“Optimism is the best we got right now of anything. But overboard of promising could be a disaster. Because the fact remains how much can the Goss do? I like government, but it's not up to the gov't to build the cities. It's upto us citizens to build those cities.” - Malith Ayiu

“It's a cracking up plan ever! "the sewage treatment plant is appropriately placed under the giraffe's tail" hahaaha South Sudan will be a weirdest place on the Planet earth! There is nothing wrong with their plan though, it's just funny. I think we are going back to Idles and animals worshiping!” - Daidit Maa

“Holy Cow! This is a weird cities' ever plan. That's why they don't get investers. It was good to names SPLA battalions with those animals but it couldn't be a good idea to design cities in these animals' shape. What a waste of resources Ghost/GOSS.” - Garang Chol Aguer


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