SPLM-DC defection alert: Charles Kisanga

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Published on Sunday, 18 July 2010 07:00
Written by Mading Ngor Akec Kuai
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SPLM DC chairman Lam Akol (left) and Charles Kisanga (right) during recent SPLM DC's National Executive Committee meeting on July, 2010 (SPLM DC photo)

(The Net NSV) - Charles Kisanga, the SPLM DC’s longtime secretary general has defected to the SPLM after falling out with his party over “suspicious moves”, a press release from SPLM DC has said.

Mr. Kisanga was unanimously ousted by his party’s highest governing committee on Friday for not effectively carrying out his duties as secretary general, a member of the SPLM DC National Executive Committee told NSV.

Kisanga was replaced with Sandra Bona Malwal, whom the party elected to the position by acclamation.

Kisanga is the latest high profile SPLM DC to defect to the SPLM, following the two recent defections of the party’s representatives to Canada in March and to US in February.