New book: Sudan’s Torit Uprising ‘not an accident’


Arop Madut gestures in an address to Sudanese at the Dinka Cultural Centre of Edmonton, Alberta, 2008 (Photo by Mading Ngor/NSV)

(The Net NSV) - Arop Madut, author of Sudan’s Painful Road to Peace, has a new book coming up. 

The upcoming book is titled “The Genesis and Development of Political History of Southern Sudan (1943-1983). It’s written like a “textbook for our children,” Arop said.  

 “It’s going to be very good because there are certain things we are revealing,” he said. 

The book will feature an interview with Nyang Dhieu, one of the architects of the Torit Uprising, he said.

Arop said he “stumbled on [Nyang]” in 1976 when he went there to report for Al-Ahyam newspaper in Wau, where the two sat down for a tell-all interview.   

“He revealed that what was happening in Torit was not an accident, it was a planned uprising,” he said. 

Arop is currently looking for a copyeditor, before the book goes to publication.