Southern Sudan minister restores immunity for suspended SPLM DC MPs

Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, John Luk Jok (Photo by GoSS)
(The Net NSV) - The new southern Sudan minister of legal affairs and constitutional development, Mr. John Luk Jok, restored on Friday the immunity of the three suspended SPLM-DC members of the southern Sudan parliament.

Andrew Okony Ayom, Onyoti Adik Nyikec and Martha Angor Kur, the three SPLM DC parliamentarians, all hailing from Upper Nile, had their immunity lifted in May by the southern parliament after they were accused in connection with the killing of the paramount chief of Fangak County in Upper Nile. 

A lawmaker from the regional assembly points out that the reversal was a unilateral act on the part of minister Luk, saying he did not do it in consultation with President Kiir, who is currently receiving treatment in Kenya, after suffering “exhaustion.”

The minister said there’s no conclusive evidence against the MPs. 

“It proves the arbitrary way the SPLM is behaving, and the lack of respect to the laws, even its own laws and the constitution, and the lack of sensitivity to respecting the choice of the people,” SPLM DC chairman, Lam Akol, told New Sudan Vision on Monday, in an upcoming interview where he breaks his long silence on the elections.     

Do you think the minister was justified in restoring the immunity for the MPs?