South Sudanese author of the Trifles publishes a second novel


Calgary, AB, Canada – South Sudanese author of Trifles, Kuir ë Garang, has just published a second novel, Pipers and the First Phase. From refugee to poet, author and publisher, Kuir has become a fearless literary mind. He engages readers in not only the daily horrors of the African child in the constant state of fear and trauma of war, but also, on the philosophical reasons underlying the perception of the outside eyes on the African child. He also indulges the reader in tense, witty dialogues and plots that unnerve yet inform the reader.

With a strong background in philosophy, Kuir ë Garang writes unconventionally, poetically and philosophically, however, he puts that combination into enjoyable and witty dialogues and engaging plot that keep the readers wanting more and hooked to the end.

In The Pipers, Kuir presents the socio-economic, socio-political, orchestrated economic dependency and the non-African perception of the ‘African Person’ in a manner few readers do find in the contemporary fiction.  Anyone who reads this novel will find him or herself both challenged and provoked into critical thinking.

Political blackmail and greed, Capital Opportunism and Racial Assumptions in and about Africa will engage the reader from the first sentence of the book. The average reader will see, through the eyes of Little Michael and Christopher Fox, what it means to be a poor-and-taken-for-granted human being. The wealthy readers will see, through Isaac Burns, why their wealth acquisition might drive some people into destitution without them directly knowing; or through callous indifference.


Kuir ë Garang is also the author of Trifles (novel) and Carcass Valley (Poetry).  Kuir lived as a refugee in Ethiopia and Kenya before settling in Canada. He holds a degree in Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal.

Title:  The Pipers and the First Phase

Publication Date:  Aug 31 2012

Publisher:  The Nile Press

ISBN/EAN13:  0991678907 / 9780991678907

Page Count:  444

Binding Type:   Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6" x 9"

Language:  English

Color:  Black and White

Related Categories:  Fiction / Political


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