SANU reverses course on Sudan’s unity, calls it partition


Dr. Toby Maduot, the boss of the Sudan African National Union, announced an historical policy reversal in a press release today, from a unionist to a separatist party (Photo/Special for NSV)

(Khartoum NSV) - The Sudan African National Union (SANU), one of the oldest parties in Sudan, announced an historic shift today from a unionist to a separatist party, citing NCP intransigence on the CPA.  

“SANU leadership and its rank and file have resolved to vote for the separation of the southern Sudan in coming referendum,” Dr. Toby Maduot Parek, the party’s chairman said in a press release.   

Dr. Maduot said the National Congress Party (NCP), Sudan’s ruling party, lacks “seriousness in implementing CPA in full” and accused it of ‘continued’ marginalization of Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains, South Blue Nile, Darfur and Eastern Sudan. 

“This is seen by all Southern political forces including SANU as insincerity on the part of National Congress party (NCP) and a dangerous recipe that will return our country to war,” he said. 

SANU was founded in exile by, chiefly among others, the late Fr. Saturino Lahoru, the late William Deng Nhial and the late Joseph Oduho in 1963 in Kampala, Uganda, and a year later in the Sudan. 

The party has long advocated for unity of the country from a theocratic state to a democratic state where all Sudanese are stakeholders. Previously, many southerners criticized the party for clinging on to its historical commitment to unity, even when  unity was seen as untenable and ‘unattractive.’

On the referenda on southern Sudan and Abyei, SANU said  the SPLM and the NCP, the partners to the CPA, should stick to the January 9, 2011 deadline.    

The party, which says is being divided by the NCP, noted some of the following 'failures' as responsible for their stunning policy reversal: 

  • Delay to complete the demarcation of North-South borders. 
  • Delay in drawing up Abyei and South Kordufan borders. 
  • Failure to start registration of voters in referenda Failure to start referenda campaign. 
  • Failure to start voter’s education. Widespread escalation of militia activity in Abyei in brutal defiance of police authority in that area. This is also seen in the southern Sudan and is an indication that NCP is not one they should choose to live with when given the option in the coming referenda.
  • National Congress failed to disarm militias of its own creation, such as the Janjaweed elements in southern Darfur and which are now cited as a threat to Western Bahr El Ghazal State by the Governor, Brigadier Rizik Zakaria Hasan last week in Wau town. It is also very disappointing that the NCP is vigorously working to divide parties like SANU, SPLM, Umma, DUP…etc. This policy of divide and rule with the use of government resources is contrary to multi- party cooperation or coalition in a real democratic system.In regards to Darfur crisis, we feel that NCP has not made use of CPA model in resolving Darfur conflict which it should have followed in bringing long awaited peace in Darfur. 
  • We note the rising calls for self determination in that region of Sudan, which proves that unity cannot be sustained under the current system dominated by the NCP.Once again we wish you all the success in making the referenda peaceful, orderly, transparent, fair and free event in Sudan.

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