New spy chief calls for sound mindedness in Sudan

August 28, 2009 - (Khartoum) - Sudanese new spy chief, Mohamed Atta Al-Moula Abbas, has called for new methods of political engagment, official Sudan News agency has reported. Speaking during a workshop for security needs during the up coming general elections, Mr. Abbas calls for use of political, media and diplomatic means instead of security meausures.

The new chief's call for discipline in the Sudan political engagement has a new face of what Sudanese politics could take if at all his call is genuine and followed through. Sudan is not known to entertain political openness and use of media for sound political balance.

Media in Sudan is strictly regulated and Sudan Security has an upper hand in deciding what is to be published and what's not to be published in Sudanese newspapers. In June this year, Sudan passed a media law that gives hte government a head-up in deciding the end of what is to be published despite the promise in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to allow freedom of press.

It will remain to be seen if Abbas call will mean anything as Sudan security organ is know to not be friendly to the press. Speaking the Sudan Radio service on August 17, the editor-in-chief of pro-SPLM Ajrass Al-huriya said that Sudan media is still highly censored.

"Who said the censorship has stopped? Sir, the censorship of papers has never stopped, before and after the new media law came into effect,"  Dr. Murtada El-Ghali. What Mr. Abbas said will soon be tested.

Mr. Mohamed has challenged Sudanese political leaders and media forces to fairly and responsibly play their roles. This could be a new side of a new leave.

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