Feb. 15th Memorial Service in Canada: Letter of condolences to the families of late General Abraham Jongroor and John Mach Achuek

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Published on Tuesday, 04 February 2014 01:17
Written by Francis Chagai Bol
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GenAn Open Letter of Condolences to the Families of General Abraham Jongroor Deng and the Secretary General of Bor County Mr. John Mach Achuek, who have passed away this last month in Bor, Jonglei State.

“You are all remembered and will continue with your memories in our hearts comrades SPLA General Abraham Jongroor Deng and the late Secretary General of Bor County Mr. John Mach Achuek,” writes Mr. Francis Chagai Bol in this letter of condolences to the families of late Brigadier Gen. Abraham Jongroor Deng and Secretary General of Bor County, late John Mach Achuek, who were killed in the battle of Bor.

Feburay 3rd, 20Top of Form14 (Calgary) - Gentlemen and comrades in uniforms of the SPLA, the army you both committed your all hearts and souls to lives in it during the struggle through independent on July 9th, 2011.

You have both died this last month of January, 2014 defending the country and your comrade, the democratically elected President H. E Salva Kiir Mayardit of the Republic of South Sudan. Your deaths have alarmed us here and back home. But your memories and will be remembered in our hearts. And likewise, I am just writing this note in appreciation of your commitment in uniforms and your unforgettable services to our community and our nation of South Sudan at large.

I know you were all great human fellows on earth, having been with our late Former Bor County Secretary General Mr. John Mach Achuek, before his resettlement to Australia where he came back to help our citizens of whom he had died for! Some years back from today, I learn enough of your humility with unwavering energy and focus for our venerable communities brother Mach. In addition, to comrade General Abraham Jongroor Deng, whom I had not met during his live time, but his achievements in the army of our country and Bor Community has shown a wider knowledgeable of him all over the sites of Facebook and during his burial in Juba, South, Sudan.

Moreover, I learnt much information about the late General Abraham J. Deng, during our short visit to relatives Mr. Jongroor Machar and the Chairman of Bor Community Mr. Jacob Buol Malual, in the city of Calgary where they share with us about his greatness with some of our members who made our visit possible and I personally thank Mr. Mabil Yuot Mach, Mr. Abraham Y. Kuot and the current Secretary of Bor County in Alberta Mr. Micheal Malith Garang. That day, I will never forget of him and our great leader Mr. John Mach Achuek. You both died for the truth except the time.

I hope and pray that your families and relatives will understand the burden of your lost, especially the families left behind and likewise many more people who have the same experiences within the Greater Bor Community and South, Sudan in general. May almighty God bless you and all your families gentlemen and comrades in Uniforms of the SPLA.

Finally, my Condolences to the Families of late General Abraham Jongroor Deng and the late Secretary General of Bor County Mr. John Mach Achuek, who have passed away this month in Bor, Jonglei State. I write this note in line with the up-coming memorial service scheduled on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at St. Luke's Anglican Church located on (2951-26th Avenue SE of Calgary, Alberta. Time: 2:00 P.M. Please you are all invited to attend the memorial Service of our late brothers who died during the battle around Bor, Jonglei State. Once again, you are all invited brothers and sisters across Alberta and Canada at large.

NB: For information about the memorial of late General Abraham Jongroor Deng on the above date:

Please contact Following please:

Mr. Jocab Buol Malual @ 587-719-1254) Calgary, Alberta

Mr. Reech Madit Reech @ 780-667-9119) Edmonton, Alberta


Francis Chagai Bol, Alberta, Canada.

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