ADVERT: The 2013 Twic East Community-USA annual conference to be held in Kansas City, Missouri

The Twic East Community-USA (TEC-USA)

Press Release                                                            For immediate Release


May 9, 2013

DSCN0236The leadership of Twic East Community-USA is delighted to invite all South Sudanese communities and SPLM chapters in the United States to attend our annual Conference that will be held in Kansas City, Missouri this summer, from July 5-7. We strongly encourage members of our community from South Sudan to come and attend this conference and celebrate with us the independence of South Sudan in Kansas City, Missouri. We urge our members, leaders and intellectuals of our community to come to this significant occasion.

We are humbled by the little accomplishments you have made in the midst of insecure environment in Jonglei State and still aspire for prosperous future of our people.

Twic East Community-USA will hold Reunion Conference and celebration the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. This special Reunion Conference will not only grant our people to meet but celebrate South Sudan Independence which will start on Friday, July 5th through Sunday, July 7th, 2013, in the United States of America at Kansas City, Missouri.

The conference will feature prominent sons of Twic East from back home:

Mr. Dau Akoi Jurkuch, Twic East County Commissioner.

Mr. Deng Dau Deng Malek, MP representing Twic East County in the Government of South Sudan.

We have also extended invitations to Dr. Majak D’Agoot Atem, South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Defense and Mr. Atem Garang de Kuek, Deputy Speaker of South Sudan National Assembly.

This conference is sponsored by the TEC-USA’s Communities encompassing five Payams of Kongor Payam, Ayual, Awulian, Dachuek (Nyuak payam e Nhom Diak), Lith Payam, Ajuong Payam, and Pakeer Payam. On Friday, the conference will feature Twic East Community and South Sudanese Communities Basketball Tournament. On, Saturday we will hold a fundraiser, an event that will involve winning laptop computers by all members who will be participating, and finally we will conclude the conference on Sunday with entertainment featuring our South Sudanese musicians, Dinka-traditional dances, DJ after-party and many more exciting activities that weekend, so please come and enjoy!!!!!

All in all, we are coming together to deliberate on our organization’s mission of empowering people of Twic East County and South Sudanese at large, both at home and in Diaspora to repair the impact of the long war. We are determined to emphasize the importance and urgency of initiating a lasting peace and unity among the Diaspora natives of Twic East Community-USA in order to socially, economically and educationally reconstruct their lives here and at home.

It’s our hope that this upcoming special gathering will enable us to establish good communication among the Twic East County members in North America, East Africa, Australia, Europe, Southern Sudan, and elsewhere around the world. We are determined to re-energize our core ideals, tap into our strong values and deliberate on our strategic approach in this era of development in order to produce a vibrant and functioning community.

 Since this conference and reunion will take place at the historic month of July, which features the independence of (both countries) United States of America (July 4th) and our native country, the newest Republic of South Sudan (July 9th), we will have much to celebrate throughout that special weekend.

Therefore, on behalf of the TEC-USA’s Board of Directors, the advisory Board members, and both leaders of states and Twic East Payam’s leaders, we have extended our invitation to all our members and well-wishers to participate at our historic first ever gathering in the United States. Please mark your calendars and consider our humble invitation to come and declare your support to our beloved community. We guarantee you will enjoy our 2013 annual conference.

With immense respect,

Mr. David Kuol Anyieth, President, TEC-USA

Mr. Gabriel Mabeny Kuot, Vice President-USA

Mr. Gabrial PagerAjang, General Secretary, TEC-USA

Mr. David Mayen Deng Majok, Board of Directors, Chairperson,-TEC-USA

Mr. Abraham Deng Chol, Chairman, Advisory Board, TEC-USA                                              

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