Life and times of Brig. Gen. Manasseh Mac Anyieth Mac (1951 -2012)

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Brigadier General Manasseh Mac Anyieth Mac , a patriotic freedom fighter, humanitarian, loving father, husband and brother passed away of cancer on December 13, 2012 at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya. Late Manasseh was among the generation of freedom fighters who devoted their entire lives for the liberation of South Sudan.  Because of his passion for freedom of South Sudan, the late abandoned his studies at the University of Juba  in third year when the war started in 1983 and joined the Sudan People's Liberation Movement and  Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/A).

Early Life and Family

 Brigadier Manasseh was born in Akur village of Pathuyith in present day Bor County to Anyieth Mac Geu and Tem Ayuang Aduot. He was married to three wives. Two of his three wives are from Shiluk and one hailed from Abii section of Southern Bor. The one who hailed from Southern Bor, his junior wife, Rebecca Akuach Mac Ayol, who had come to Canada with some of his children, passed away about two years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The late is survived by his two wives and several children who include Anyieth, Atong, Geudit, Achol, Aluel, Akur, Akon, Amuor and Geuthi. The late is also survived by several brothers and sisters.

Educational background

 IMG 0001_NEWBrigadier Manasseh began his education at Mathiang Village School from 1961 to 1962, and then went to Malek Elementary School in Bor. When Malek Elementary was closed due to the Sudan’s first war, all pupils were sent home until 1968 when they were taken to Malakal’s Jonglei Primary School where he completed his Primary Studies in 1969. After that, Brigadier Manasseh got an admission to Buluk Junior Secondary School in Juba. After that, he was accepted at Rumbek Secondary School where studied for his Sudan School Certificate of Senior Secondary Education from 1975 to 1978. After finishing Senior Secondary Education, he came back to his home area where he worked as a teacher in Mathiang Primary School from 1978 to 1981. In 1982 he got admitted to the University of Juba’s College of Education.

Contribution to South Sudan Liberation

Brigadier Manasseh joined the SPLM/SPLA in 1984. He was trained in Bonga, Ethiopia as part of Koryom Division, one of the founding divisions of the SPLA. He was commissioned at the rank of 2nd LT on 1st Sept. 1984 and deployed to Mabaan in Northern Upper Nile with Hadid Battalion of Koryom Division. In 1986 he was redeployed to Northern Upper Nile with Battalions of Fashoda and Daniel Chok. He was promoted to the rank of 1st Lt. in 1988 and sent to SPLA Military College of Revolutionary war studies in Bonga in Shield Five. After finishing the cadet, he was deployed to Southern Upper Nile with Intifaza at the rank of Captain from 1989 to 1990 and later transferred to Western Equatoria in Yei, Kergulu, 8 miles away from Yei Lasu road as Captain.Because of his brilliant performance, he was promoted to rank of Alternate Commander in 1994 and then to the rank of commander in 1995. In the same year, he was assigned as Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association’s (SRRA) Secretary for Mangaltoria Displaced Persons’ Camp where he served until 1997 when he got replaced.  After the CPA was signed in 2005, he retired from the Army after a deserving promotion to the rank of Brigadier General. After that, he worked briefly as the Head of Repatriation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Central Equatoria State. He then joined the International Organization for Migration (IOM) where he has worked as a Liaison Officer since 2005. Before he died, the late was promoted as Chief Officer of IOM Mission in Juba, South Sudan. Late Manasseh was friendly and loved by everyone who lived with him.

Memorial Service

About a week ago, his family in Canada held a memorial service in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which was attended by South Sudanese. Late Manasseh’s brother, Jacob Pandak Anyieth Mac said the following during the memorial service:

“Late brother Manasseh believed in all aspects of human freedom. We, as a family, have lost an Angel who was the backbone of Anyieth Mac’s entire family. It will take at least decades to find someone like him not only in our family but at the level of South Sudanese society.

Your outstanding smile will be missed forever. Although your daughter Amour has similar smile, it isn’t the same as yours. I won't forget forever his sudden death because I didn't have the last words with him in person. It was due to the responsibilities of his children I take care here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Death is difficult topic in life to talk, God gives, God takes is the only line that pop up right away in mind.”

Reech Madit Reech, Chairman of Bor County Association in Alberta, a relative and personal friend of Brigadier Manasseh said the late will be “remembered as a freedom fighter, someone who abandoned his studies at young age and joined the liberation movement to help deliver his people out of oppression.”

“Manasseh was a great hero for South Sudan,” said Reech.

“He had reputation for valuing every human being regardless of race, religion and ethnicity,” he added.

The final memorial service will be held on February 16, 2013 in Edmonton.

His death is the greatest loss to all relatives and friends and indeed the new nation of South Sudan. May almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace!

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