South Sudanese panel in Calgary analyzes the latest peace deal between Sudan and South Sudan

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Published on Tuesday, 09 October 2012 21:36
Written by The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada - After months of bitter and frustrating negotiations, the two Sudans – Sudan and South Sudan - arrived at a peace deal signed by presidents of both countries on September 27, 2012. Here is the summary of the peace deal:

In response to the deal last weekend, a South Sudanese panel discussion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada discussed and analyzed the deal.337134 10151049944956548 779559313 o Panelists (from right to left) include:

Mr. Kuir e Garang, Poet and Novelist

Mr. Morris Yoll, Geologist and Petroleum Engineering Technologist

Mr. James Nguen, Founder of Biluany Water and Literacy Society and a subject of an award winning documentary "The Long Journey Home of James Nguen."

Ms. Veronica Lissa, Social Justice Activist and Founder of New Horizon Day Homes.

The panelists recognized that the agreement is not good for South Sudan but it is better than nothing as it would give South Sudan some revenues to move forward. “We do not have a choice. When you are negotiating from a desperate position that is what you get,” said one of the panelists.

Part of why the panelists think the deal is not good is because it has not resolved the outstanding and contentious issues such as Abyei, Heglig and other disputed and claimed areas. These areas have a high potential to take both countries back to war if not resolved quickly. Heglig, an oil rich area claimed by both sides, almost brought the two countries into an all-out war in April 2012. With the key issues not resolved, some of the panelists thought the deal would give Khartoum money to equip itself and attack South Sudan. In addition, one of the audience members thought the agreement is bad and quoted late Dr. John Garang that “a bad peace agreement is worse than war” because one cannot leave out key issues at the center of the conflict and term it a peace deal.

The panel called on South Sudan to grab the opportunity of the money that has come with the deal to develop other economic sectors and also to develop alternative pipelines which will free South Sudan from depending on the Sudan. The panel also called on the members of South Sudan National Legislative Assembly to carefully study this agreement, consult their constituents and act appropriately during the ratification in the interest of the people.


 Panel discussion in pictures:

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