WRESTLING: Manyang Mabior Deng defeats Yuot Mac Thon in a first South Sudanese Diaspora match

OMAHA- MidwestLate Saturday afternoon, a source confirmed to New Sudan Vision that Manyang Mabior Deng of Nebraska defeated Yuot Mach Thon in the much- anticipated wrestling match that was held in Syracuse, New York.

 We spoke on the phone with Akol Aguek Ngong who broke the news to us.

" I confirmed from Anei Nhial that Yuot and Aciek are defeated," Akol later said in an email statement.

The wrestling match consisted of two line-ups, with Manyang Mabior Deng and Aciek Maluk Deng representing Midwest and Yuot Mach Thon and Thuom Aluong Mathiang for East Coast.

Following much publicity after announcing early this year to take his wrestling prowess to challenge some of the best wrestlers back in South Sudan, Mr. Yuot Mach went into Saturday's match as the favorite to win. Manyang Mabior went in a challenger.

But in a surprising turn of events, Manyang Mabior carried the number one slot for Midwest while Thuom Aluong Mathiang took the second slot after knocking out Aciek Maluk of Nebraska.

The wresting contest was previewed in an interview published by our website on September 21. The interview was conducted by Akol Aguek Ngong who was in Vermont Saturday after failing to attend the match but got confirmation of the results from sources on the ground.

After the news, South Sudanese took to the social networking site Facebook with their messages of congratulations to Mr. Manyang Mabior Deng on his victory.

As for Yuot Mach Thon, it was not clear what his next move would be after his chances for taking the challenge to South Sudan were blunted in Saturday's contest.

But he answered any lingering doubts on Sunday after he updated his Facebook page saying he will take the challenge to Ajang Garang, one of the best wrestlers he intends beat in South Sudan.



Aciek Manyang-1


Midwest Team (front row from left to right): Aciek Maluk Deng (standing), Manyang Mabior Deng (sitting), and Majier Arem (standing).


Yuot Thuom

East Coast Team: Yuot Mach Thon and Thuom Aluong Mathiang

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