"Stop Bashir from killing another 2.5 million people in South Sudan," South Sudanese in Calgary told the international audience

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Published on Saturday, 28 April 2012 07:00
Written by The New Sudan Vision (NSV), www.newsudanvision.com
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada - About a hundred South Sudanese assembled in front of the Calgary’s City Hall on Saturday April 21, 2012 with the aim of drawing world’s attention to the border crisis between South Sudan and Sudan.

In a press statement through the South Sudan Volunteer Initiative, Lost Boys' and Girls' Association of South Sudan and the SPLM Chapter, the South Sudanese in Calgary want the world's powers - UNSC, USA, China, Canada, African Union, European Union, Arab League and IGAD - to help demarcate the border between South Sudan and [North] Sudan based on the 1956 border demarcation as agreed in the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). They want the above mentioned powers to exert pressure to immediately:

  1. Stop the ongoing killing of South Sudanese civilians through aerial bombardment being committed by Sudan;
  2. Stop the Sudan’s violation of South- North border based on the 1956 border demarcation and the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA);
  3. Stop the Sudan’s defiance against the international community’s plea to respect human rights;
  4. Stop the Sudan’s violation of the remaining provisions of the CPA especially the Abyei Referendum voting and the South- North Border Demarcation;
  5. Stop the Sudan’s continuous occupation of Abyei against the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling and the CPA stipulations;
  6. Conduct the border demarcation between the South Sudan and Sudan as laid out in the CPA
  7. Conduct consultation with the local South Sudanese communities in Panthou area to understand the facts;
  8. Deploy neutral forces in the disputed areas, especially in Panthou and Abyei;
  9. Bring the parties to the negotiation table to agree on contentious issues peacefully;
  10. Allow immediate access and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected areas;
  11. Set up a committee of international border experts to demarcate the North-South border;


The demonstrators assert that Panthou belongs to South Sudan based on the 1956 border demarcation agreed in the CPA.

Demonstration in pictures

calgary demo_4

They shouted at the top of their voices telling the international audience to stop the war criminal Omar Bashir from creating another "Darfur" in South Sudan.

calgary demo_3










Two representatives facing the camera in the center, Kuel Madut Agai, SPLM Chairman in Calgary and Athieng Riakbai, Community Representative, South Sudan Volunteer Initiative(SSVI) being interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

calgary demo_2

calgary demo_5

They marched waving the flag and singing some of the good old revolutionary songs marked by internals of shouting:"take indicted war criminal  Bashir to the Hague to avoid killing another 2.5 million in South Sudan as he did during the 21 years of war".

calgary demo_6

And they raised the flag of South Sudan high in the air, and some wrapped it around their bodies.

calgary demo_7

calgary demo_8

They all came out, including the elderly as you can see.


Calgary demo_12

These South Sudanese stood on the road side telling the motorists that South Sudan is for peace, and it was only protecting its territorial integrity from Bashir who wants to take South Sudan's oilfields by force. They want Canada to exert its influence to stop this from happening.

calgary demo_13

 They stood firmly telling the world to respect the legally binding border demarcation of 1956 between South Sudan and [North] Sudan as per the CPA.