Press Release: Bor County Association in Alberta to hold election

Press Release

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Outgoing Chairman Mr. Reech Madit Reech


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Bor County Association in Alberta is preparing to hold its second election since establishment two years ago. The election is scheduled to take place in Calgary on Saturday March 31, 2012 from 11am-3pm. In addition to the election, the gathering will be addressed by community elders Ustaz Jok Mac and Kuot Jook Alith. Ustaz Jok and Mr. Kuot recently came back from South Sudan for a visit after leaving a few years ago to help rebuild the new nation of South Sudan. Besides, the outgoing leadership will present the annual report and financial statements.



A non - political body based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the association brings together members of Bor County in Alberta to contribute to development of Bor County in South Sudan. It also acts as a link between the people of Bor County back in South Sudan and members of Bor County in Alberta, Canada. It furthermore strives to build stronger relationship with sisterly associations of Twic East and Duk Counties as well as South Sudanese communities in Canada.


“A channel of communication has become effective after the formation of the Association between the members of the county living in Alberta and those back home in South Sudan,” said the outgoing Chairman, Reech Madit Reech.


“We anticipate to work with other associations in the United state of America, Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan and other area where the effective to contribute to nation building in South Sudan,” Reech added.


“Throughout the course of working with Mr. Reech Madit Reech, he has shown the spirit of cooperation and caring heart among our people since he took over the leadership of Bor County Association in Alberta,” said Mr. Francis Chagai Bol, Bor Community Chairman in Edmonton. “I offer my personal thanks to Mr. Reech Madit for his leadership and I wish him well should the members of Bor County Association reelect him and his wondrous team.”


“I am encouraging interested candidates to contest for any of the leadership positions,” said the outgoing Chairman Mr.Reech Madit.



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