Jonglei Diaspora Forum for Peace and Reconciliation held in Australia: Recommendations

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Published on Saturday, 04 February 2012 06:10
Written by John Adoor Deng, The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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JongolieJonglei Diaspora Forum for Peace and Reconciliation in Australia (JDPR)

BRISBANE, Australia - Moved and tormented by the continuing conflicts in Jonglei state, South Sudan, members of Jonglei Communities in the diaspora held a peace forum on 27th January 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. This forum (JDPR) was attended by a considerable number of ethnic leaders, representatives, priests and intellectuals of Jonglei   state. As first of its kind, the aims of the forum were well articulated as follows:

1-      To bring people of Jonglei in the Diaspora around the table and urge them to add their voices in the call for peace, harmony, unity and reconciliation in the state.

2-      To gather ideas gearing to the whole notion of stopping conflicts in the highly populated state of Jonglei in South Sudan

3-      To cement and consolidate effort for peace within the Diaspora Jonglei State Communities such that the conflicts taking place at home are not in away transferred to local living in Australia

4-      To mobilise resources and connections, expertise and create relationships with organisations that are working for peace efforts in Jonglei State.

      The members of the forum were privileged to receive two visiting sons of Jonglei state as guests during the proceedings. These were Ambassador Dhano Obongo, current Director of National Resources, in the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Republic of South Sudan and Mr Gatkuoth Simon, current Director General of Education, Ministry of Education, Jonglei State. The context of discussion was centred on defining the role of the Diaspora members to the conflict and providing suggestions for a solution to current conflicts. This intellectually intensive discussion gave birth to the following recommendations:


Short terms


  1. There is need to integrate cattle raiding communities through sharing of pastures, living in proximity with each other and, encouraging the notion of coming together to celebrate common national events.
  2. Conduct alternative disarmament in form of exchanging guns with some thing else such as money or kind. It is noted that guns are used by these communities for multiple functions. It is therefore a big loss to them for the gun to go uncompensated.
  3. Assemble ethnic leaders, cattle camps leaders, religion leaders and leaders of young youths of Nuer, Dinka Bor and Murle to a peace forum that are facilitated by peace and conflict professionals
  4. Jonglei State government to create meaningful activities and programmes that would engage loitering and workless youths in the state.
  5. Both Jonglei State and Federal governments to build camps of security forces at strategic places so as to deter unwanted or suspected movement of people between these current conflicting communities .


Long term


  1. Churches to embark on evangelism and spread the word of God to these communities so that the love of God is brought to the lives of these communities.
  2. The Republic of South Sudan to invest in health infrastructure in infertility societies such as the Murle. If  parents don't have children of their own it is believed that they will want other people‚Äôs children to be abducted to them.
  3. The governments of both the State and Federal to integrate workers such that employees are posted to other communities as this will create harmony, and suppress the fear of unknown
  4. The Media is to be diversified into local languages such that all members from the grass root have access to the information.

In conclusion, the forum believe that these recommendations if well followed , can bring about peace, harmony, reconciliation and unity that we are thirsty for in Jonglei State. As members of the Diaspora, we shall play our part in acting on some of these recommendations.

 Attendees at the forum were:   Community


Mr. John Deng Yakuach                 Nuer

Mr. Chol Aleu Angok                     Dinka Bor

Mr. Francis Ajow                           Dinka Atar

Mr. Omot Ojwado                         Anyuak

Mr. Malual Aleer Deng                 Dinka Bor

Mr. Majok Akech Keer                 Dinka Bor

Mr. Jacob Aboui Garang             Dinka Bor

Mr. Nagua   Phonia                     Anyuak

Mrs. Regina N Jueny                     Dinka Atar

Mr. Samuel Ndwanga                 Anyuak

Mrs. Sabir Younis                         Anyuak

Mrs. Awar Omanomot                 Anyuak

Mrs. Nyanchuol Ruben                 Nuer

Mr. Gakeer Dut Ajak                     Dinka Bor

Mr. Monytowg Chol                     Dinka Atar

Mr. Garang Arok Adol                   Dinka Bor

Mr. Samuel Agolory                       Anyuak

Mr. Orik Obonno                           Anyuak

Mrs. Rachel Abuk Maker               Dinka Bor

Mr. David Anyang Reng                 Dinka Bor

Mr. Amb: Dhano Obongo             Anyuak

Mr. Gatkuoth Simon                      Nuer

Mr.Bior Bul                                  Dinka

Mr. Kuir Bior                               Dinka Bor

Mr. Moses Mayan                       Nuer

Mr. John Adoor Deng                 Dinka Bor

This forum was moderated by John Adoor Deng, member of Jonglei Community Brisbane Australia and initiator of Jonglei Diaspora Forum for Peace and Reconciliation (JDPR). He can be reached at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">