GBC President to visit Alberta, Canada this weekend

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Published on Friday, 28 October 2011 03:27
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(Calgary, Alberta, Canada ) - Greater Bor Community President based in the United States, Mr. Abraham Deng Lueth Mayom, will visit Alberta, Canada this weekend to drum up support for his vision of uniting the community and to share his development initiatives with those in Canada.

“We, in the United States, envision a vibrant partnership with you in Canada, folks in Australia and those in South Sudan to collaboratively work together to develop our people,” Mr. Deng said during the announcement of his visit.

Mr. Deng and his delegation will also share ideas concerning the upcoming reunion of Bor community members which will take place in Bor Town in South Sudan in December this year.

Mr. Deng was elected last year in a hotly contested election. Part of his platform was to unite the Diaspora Bor members to form one front to help in developing the homeland.

“Mr. Deng is very welcome to Alberta to share some ideas with his fellow brothers and sisters about anything possible concerning our role in the Diaspora and how we can join hands with our politicians back in our homeland,” said Mr. Francis Chagai Bol, Chairman of the Bor Community in Edmonton.

Mr.Deng will meet with fellow Bor members in Edmonton on Saturday, October 29 and in Calgary on Sunday, October 30.  Members from the nearby cities are expected to attend the meetings in  Edmonton and Calgary.


Mr. Deng and members of the Greator Bor Community after being elected as president last year in Michigan, USA.