Miss South Sudan comes to Canada

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Published on Saturday, 26 March 2011 17:00
Written by Mading Ngor, The New Sudan Vision (NSV), newsudanvision.com
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Aloya Stanislaus (2010/2011),  Ayok Monydit (2007/2008), Nathalie Zambakari (2008/2009)

(Calgary AB NSV) - Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant will debut in Canada this summer.

“It’s something people will be going to because they have been asking about Miss South Sudan,” says organizer Michael Sosah (aka Slybell). “Now we’ve got the right team and we’re good to go.”

The pageant is slated for July 30th, “right after independence,” says Sosah, referring to upcoming July 9th formal declaration of Independence for South Sudan after 99 per cent of voters chose self-determination in January’s referendum.

New Life Entertainment, and Southern Sudanese Music Awards are sponsoring the Vancouver event so far.

Contestants from Seattle, Washington, are permitted to take part, due to the city's close proximity to the venue.

Meanwhile, recruitment is ongoing. Contestants are directed to Miss South Sudan Canadasosah website for all their questions.

Contestants must be 18 and must not have children. At least one of their parents must be Southern Sudanese in order to qualify.

The judges will be looking for great personality and deep knowledge on southern Sudan.

Although Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant was founded in the USA, it has since made its way to Australia. “Why not us?” asks South Sudanese Canadian Sosah. “We’re proud of where we’re and where we’re staying.”

Inset: Michael Sosah (aka Slybell)'s New Life Entertainment is one of the organizers of Miss South Sudan Canada