One-On-One: Southern Blue Nile Gov. Malik Agar says ‘good luck’ to the emerging state in southern Sudan

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Published on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 07:58
Written by Mading Ngor, The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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Gov. Malik Agar speaks to media
(Calgary AB NSV) – Gov. Malik Agar Eyre, also deputy chairman of the SPLM, told The New Sudan Vision’s One-On-One program on Sunday he’s rooting for the success of the soon to be a new state in southern Sudan.

“I wish that state good luck, and the people of that state prosperity and development,” Gov. Agar said, when asked about the south’s overwhelming vote to secede from the Sudan.


Gov. Agar, a SPLA commander whose region fought alongside southern Sudan said his people do not feel let down by the south’s decision to opt out of the union.

“No, no, never,” he said. “What's happening in the south, I was part of it,” he said. “And we all in the Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains, we contributed to it in our bloc,” he added.

It’s the south’s democratic right to choose their destiny, he said. “Why would we look at it as a betrayal?” he asked.

On the popular consultations in Southern Blue Nile, Gov. Agar said a committee was soliciting views in the area and final results would be out by early February.  “That's the bridge, when we reach it we will cross it,” he said, declining to comment on the emerging opinions on how the citizens see their relationship with Khartoum in a divided Sudan.

Asked about the ‘national agenda’ which the leader of the Umma Party, Sadig Al-Mahdi, has tabled for the ruling National Congress Party of Bashir to act on, he said he didn’t know much about it.

The national plan calls for inclusive government, new constitution, and inking of ‘twinning’ agreements with an independent south.

Asked about what their reaction would be, Gov. Agar said “We in the Movement are very flexible.

“We are moveable, we are stoppable. We are returnable,” he said.

He explained: “We have our own direction. We are moving to our own direction. We are stoppable also because we are approachable. We can talk to anybody. And we are returnable also, whatever ground we cross, we can also return to others' opinions if they convince us by the strength of their arguments.”