Southern Sudanese in Canada cast huge vote for secession

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Published on Monday, 17 January 2011 07:02
Written by The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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Calgary3(TORONTO, Canada NSV) - Southern Sudanese living in Canada have joined fellow voters in Southern Sudan and are rejoicing at the prospect of a soon-to-be independent nation.

After polls closed Saturday, preliminary results are in and the vote is overwellming in favor of secession. Southern Sudanese cast their ballots in the cities of Toronto and Calgary.

International observers are lauding as peaceful the conduct of the weeklong referendum on independence of Southern Sudan, calling it "free and fair".

Cananda is one of eight countries that was selected by the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission to host Out-of Country voting because it has one the highest populations of Southern Sudanese.

Annoucement of preliminary results has been the responsibility of each polling center as all the national results will be announced by the Referendum Comminsion in February.

The results from the two polling centers in Canada were as follows:

In Toronto
Registered voters: 920
Votes for separation: 892
Votes for unity: 8
Number that did not vote: 14
Invalid:  2
Unmarked ballots:  4
In Calgary
Registered voters:  1373
Votes for separation: 1291
Voted for unity 15
Number that did not vote: 45
Invalid:  2
Unmarked ballots: 20