Southern Sudanese in Nebraska hold first of three rallies ahead of referenda

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Published on Saturday, 23 October 2010 03:32
Written by Gabrial Pager Ajang, The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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(Omaha, NSV) Sudanese in Nebraska marched last Saturday in solidarity to create awareness and called for International community to support free, fair and peaceful holding of Referenda in the Sudan. Thousands of Sudanese people and American friends came out in massive numbers; an estimate of 1,500 people circled around the University of Nebraska Omaha and finally came to camp at the Memorial Park on Saturday October 16, 2010. The prominent leaders of civil society and representatives from Government of southern mission to United States delivered series of speeches that culminated in one theme: a call for independence of Southern Sudan. The representative from the Government of South Sudan Mission to U.S. Deng Deng Nhial called for the international community to help in the referenda in any capacity to ensure fair and free conduct of referenda in Abyei, Southern Sudan and the popular consultation in the Blue Nile.REALLY_RA

The southern Sudanese people and marginalized residing in the United States now are determined to support their brothers and sisters back home.  Dual Rut, the chairman of SPLM Chapter in Nebraska said that “we have suffered from the long civil war, and women are the most affected, and the war had devastated and destroyed the south Sudan infrastructures, now it is time to have self determination.”  The Government of National Unity has failed to bridge the divide between the north and the south during the interim period that obligated them to make Unity attractive.

If the Sudan is separated to be two independent nations, Deng said it will be because the National Congress Party has failed to honestly execute the protocols enshrined in the CPA, so that people of southern Sudan and marginalized areas could be satisfied to actually accept unity. Instead the National Congress Party has been disastrously against the implementation of CPA, for example on sharing of wealth, demarcation of border between the north and south, construction of infrastructures and institutional development (hospitals and School) in the southern Sudan. Deng added, if the NationaL Congress Party had implemented CPA, we could have pushed for unity. 

In the course of rally, Nybol Akok, and Rose Michael of the SPLM Women League  noted that they were absolutely convinced that in an event the Southern Sudan becomes Independence, the women will provide concrete leadership  that will enhances  peace and stability Sudan and in the east Africa. The people of southern and the marginalized areas are now optimistic about the referenda outcome.  However they do acknowledged that the lives of southern Sudanese people hang on ballots. Millions of people have died in the course 21 years war. The mass deaths were spearheaded by the National Islamic Front, the current National Congress Party who at the same time has dishonored many agreements its signs with the Sudan People Liberation Movement” said Deng Deng. The people of Southern Sudan and marginalized have endured what no one in the world had endured, they have survived under oppressive regime, a government that has given the Southern Sudan government series of empty promises. Past agreement like the Addis Ababa Agreement has always reminded southern Sudanese about continuation of conflicts.

At its core, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 was designed to bring about democratic transformation and to end conflict between the north and the south but transform Sudan to a country that would value citizens’ lives and liberty but has terribly failed to adhere to CPA creeds, said Rose Michael.  The civil society leader, James said that the Diaspora population referred to as the Seventh Front by the late Dr John Garang are unanimously supporting the CPA political framework and have called for timely holding of referenda that will guarantee the rights of the southern Sudanese. Pastor James added the referenda, both for the South and Abyei, will soon afford the people a chance to live in peace, justice and tranquility.

Deng Said, that since 1947, the people of southern Sudan have lived under brutal, oppressive regime, and that they are tired of living in such bondage. Many analysts in the region say it is now certain that the people of Southern Sudan will vote overwhelmingly for independence on January 9 2011.

The rally was organized by the Sudanese Civil Society of Nebraska. The remaining two rallies are scheduled for November 13 and December 11 at the same park in Omaha. The event was televised thanks to Omaha local media outlets.