One-On-One: Dr. Wathig Kameir on SPLM's dilemma on Sudan's unity


"The SPLM as a freedom fighting body, as a freedom fighting Movement, they also have a role to play to make unity attractive. They cannot just fold their hands and say, 'no, this is the NCP which is responsible."' --Dr. Elwathig Kameir.

(Victoria BC NSV) - Dr. Elwathig Kameir, a member of the SPLM National Liberation Council and former lecturer and associate professor from the University of Khartoum, joined me on Sunday from Kuwait for the inaugural edition of One-on-One, to talk about what he feels is the marginalization of the SPLM's Northern Sector, which he has written extensively about here (I, II).

Kameir accuses the SPLM of not doing enough to salvage the unity of Sudan.  For the next few weeks, One-On-One will go toe-to-toe with policymakers, newsmakers, and other relevant sources to talk about news as it affects Sudan.



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