Sudan’s tallest man Manute Bol hospitalized with 'kidney failure'

Manute Bol is fighting for his life at a hospital in the US after returning on May 12 from southern Sudan.

(Northern Virginia NSV) - The legendary son of southern Sudan and one of the world’s tallest, Manute Bol, is fighting for his life at a hospital in the United States where he is suffering from acute kidney failure, a week after returning from Sudan.   

“Manute is currently in a critical care unit at a hospital in Northern Virginia. He has now had two dialysis treatments, and his blood levels are showing improvement,” read a statement posted on Manute Bol Get Well Soon, a Facebook page where well-wishers are asked to post their thoughts for the seven-foot-seven legendary former NBA basketball player.   

 Manute, 47, is diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a potentially life threatening skin disease that is triggered by a drug reaction. The disease is a “reaction to medication given him in Africa,” according to the statement.     

"I believe he is going to survive this, but he's had a total kidney failure," Tom Prichard, director of Sudan Sunrise, a group where he has worked with Manute, said Tuesday. "If he'd stayed two more days in Sudan, I don't think he'd be alive right now."

The President of Southern Sudan, Mr. Salva Kiir on Tuesday said through his personal assistant and private secretary, Mr. Akot Lual Arech he wishes Manute a “quick recovery” in a note posted on the Facebook page.   

The President said “God will save Manute’s life for the most critical time ahead in the history of our country” (the Referendum in 2011). 

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