7th Front devotes special edition to Jonglei youth's take on Athor's rebellion


From left to right: Mawut Guarak, Peter Reat Gatkuoth and Dhieu Dok Minyang, were featured on Saturday's special edition of the Seventh Front

(NSV) - South Sudanese have been wondering whether the renegade SPLA General, George Athor’s two-weeks rebellion will trigger off a larger south-south war or will it be  resolved  before January, when southerners will vote in a referendum on the region’s independence.


On Saturday, the The Seventh Front, a South Sudanese diaspora panel, devoted a special edition to Jonglei youth's take on Athor's rebellion in South Sudan. The panelists emphasized that the Government of South Sudan should act quickly to resolve the issue or the South's aspiration for independence is endangered. The panelists want the GOSS to use peaceful means to solve the problem, before considering military option.

The panel was co-hosted by Mading Ngor and Nhial Tiitmamer of the New Sudan Vision and featured Mr. Mawut Guarak, Mr. Peter Reat Gatkuoth and Mr. Dhieu Dok Minyang.Both panelists are members of the Jonglei People's Federation.

Mr. Mawut Guarak was an SPLA foot soldier before leaving Sudan. Mawut is the author of the upcoming book:  “Integration and Fragmentation of the Sudan: An African Renaissance." He has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Binghamton University in New York and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Affairs/International Relations from the State University of New York, Albany. Mawut previously worked as a District Office Assistant for a US Congressman in the New York 25th District and is currently working as Academic Advisor for university and college students in Syracuse, New York.

Dhieu Dok Minyang is President of Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan Association in Calgary and a financial advisor to the SPLM Calgary Chapter Chairman. Dhieu is a 2004 WUSC scholar and graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is currently working on his Certified Management Accounting designation. He lives in Calgary where he works for a oil and gas company. Dhieu is originally from Pigi County of Jonglei.

Peter Reat Gatkuoth is the deputy chair of the Lou Nuer Community in the diaspora. He lives in Edmonton where he works as a Community Organizer. He is a Graduate of Concordia University College with a BA in sociology and is working on his  masters degree in sociology


“Seventh Front” is a term coined by the late First Vice President of Sudan and President of the semi-autonomous Government of Southern, John Garang de Mabior to refer to Sudanese in the Diaspora. Garang declared the Diaspora as the ‘Seventh Front’ to acknowledge their growing roles and contributions in the struggle to bring about peace and democracy in Southern Sudan after the region endured decades of brutal repression from military regimes in Khartoum.

The Seventh Front assembles passionate and knowledgeable guests to assess the impact of current events as they unfold in Southern Sudan. The panel aims to arm citizens with credible information to keep their government accountable and effect positive change on the ground as Sudan approaches a referendum on Southern Sudan in 2011.

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