Sudanese youth dies of stab wounds in Perth, Western Australia, others in critical condition

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Published on Thursday, 22 April 2010 11:51
Written by Deng Dekuek, NSV,
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(Perth, Western Australia, NSV) - A Sudanese youth has been killed in unprovoked attack in Perth suburb of Mirrabooka in the State of Western Australia. Another man is in critical condition in the Royal Perth Hospital and 3 others were treated for injuries by paramedics and discharged.

The NSV understands that the attack took place last night at around 9PM (Local time) as the 5 youths walked to nearby shops.

The dead man is a 25 year old ethnic Dinka and the man in critical condition in the hospital sustaining a serious stab wound to the head and many serious injuries all over his body is a Nubian. 5 Afghani men were arrested in the nearby suburb of Ballajura this morning. The police say there was no racial motive and the 5 men were not gang members.

In another unrelated case, a 27 year old Sudanese man was murdered in Tamworth in the State of New South Wales on the night of Friday the 16th last week allegedly by a white man. He sustained a serious head injury and died at the scene. The police insist that this case was not racially motivated too.

Tamworth was broiled in a racist scandal in December 2006 when its city council voted to reject settlement of Sudanese in the town.