A Southern Sudanese wins “African Professional of the Year Award” for 2010

Mr. Samuel Makuach Riek: Awarded the 2nd annual Australian Professional of the Year Award

(Perth, Western Australia NSV) - A southern Sudanese national is this year's recipient of the "“African Professional of the Year Award.”

Samuel Makuach Riek, President of African Community of Western Austrialia was awarded the 2nd annual “African Professional of the Year Award” by the African Professionals in Australia (APA) last week in Perth.

In a diverse field of professions that included engineers, accountants, medical doctors, educators, information technologist and marketing professions, Mr. Riek was singled out for his “professional value” --that is using his acquired knowledge and skills from his career to benefit not only people from his community but the general public according to Mr.  Tommy Adebayo, the Chairman of APA.

Mr. Riek was further singled out for lifting, motivating, mentoring and encouraging other people to be the best that they can be and sowing seeds that benefits others in the community. Mr. Samuel Makuach Riek was honoured in a gala dinner hosted by the executive members of APA on the 10th of April.  

This is the second award Mr. Riek has won in successive years. Last year he was awarded “Multicultural Community Service Awards - Individual Category” at the Government House by the Hon. John Castrilli, the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

Mr. Samuel Makuach Riek is the former president of South Sudan Community Association of WA and the Current President of African Community of WA. Mr Samuel Makuach Riek, cam to  Australia as a Sudanese refugee and has worked tirelessly to assist members of the African community in WA with settlement support and to empower them to become active citizens.

In 2007, Samuel was part of a Perth team of community volunteers who travelled to Sudan to meet State and Federal officials and agencies involved with the restoration in southern Sudan. This trip resulted in the establishment of community projects to assist the village of Patuet and Kactong in Southern Sudan. Samuel consistently works with African community groups and his efforts have been concentrated in overcoming local tensions between African and Indigenous youth. Through his work at the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union (LHMWU), as Community Development Organiser Mr. Riek has implemented a program to assist about 120 African refugees to acquire employment from various industries including Hospitality, Public Health, Education and Aged Care.

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