Southern Sudanese EMTV to be launched March 30th

OMAHA, Nebraska - At midnight on March 30 2010, Southern Sudanese and all  friends with interest in Sudan will witness a launch of  EMTV, a new online television being devoted to information and news around health,and social issues.

EMTV is a new online Southern Sudanese TV that launches March 30 2010

EMTV was founded by Eunice Malath, a young Southern Sudanese lady whose skills and passion as college graduate and as Miss Southern Sudan have prompted her advocacy for a region that is waking up from unspeakable ruins of Sudan's north-south civil war.

In a press release obtained by The New Sudan Vision,Ms. Malath  painted the need and urgency for the EMTV by saying: "There are limited video content and information pertaining to the south Sudan community currently displaying on the internet which effectively promotes while uplifts South Sudan and its people."

"Thus, our mission at EMTV is to offer important facets into the South Sudan community from displaying entertainment by Southern musicians, news, cultural norms, social agendas and educational programss, with respect to the rich cultural heritage, diverse population and historical background of South Sudan," she added.

Many Southern Sudanese both at home and in diaspora ,while acknowledging the brief moment afforded by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement has been squandered, are saying a return to cultural vibrancy is critical  for a region that has seen devastation and loss of some of key elements of its heritage during the 21 years of war.

Ms.Malath hopes that her new website will give viewers a rare opportunity to "connect, discover and experience South Sudan and in turn attain a better understanding of the beautiful region and its people."

Readers are directed to learn about the launch by visiting EMTV website:


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