Kenya, Southern Sudan move to address border killings

NAIROBI, KENYA (NSV)--Two Kenyan soldiers were shot dead Sunday morning after their convoy was sprayed with bullets by attackers along the Nadapal-Lokichogio border. In the attack six other soldiers were injured and have since been taken to Nairobi for treatment.

 Mr. Bogita Ongeri, Spokesman for the Kenyan Department of Defense said the “Two soldiers were killed and six other seriously injured during an ambush on a military convoy on normal border patrol in Nadapal area along the Kenya/Sudan border today morning.”

Security officers patrol the Lokichogio-Nadapal-Sudan road last year. Two Kenyan soldiers were on Sunday shot dead and six others seriously injured in an attack on a Kenya Army convoy in the volatile Kenya/Sudan border. File

“We have not established who the attackers were and efforts are being made to airlift the injured soldiers to Forces Memorial hospital in Nairobi,” he added.

According to Daily Nation “Kenyans security forces including the military, administration police and General Service Unit officers have been deployed to the area to secure the borders and reduce attacks by Sudanese Toposa tribesmen against Turkana herdsmen.”

“The Kenya Army and administration police have both set up their bases in Nadapal but there have been frequent cases of shoot outs between Kenyan security Forces and the Toposa militia opposed to the former’s presence.”

It is said that availability of pasture and “watering points ideal for pastoralists” in Nadapal has in recent years created rivalries between Turkana from Kenya and Toposa from Sudan.

 Because of such attacks “A Kenyan technical team of comprising of officers from the Immigration, Customs and Lands departments were last October deployed to set up offices along the border.”

In wake of yesterday’s killing, the Standard has reported that “Kenya and Southern Sudan security forces are conducting a joint security operation to crack down on suspected Toposa militia along the border.”

It is also reported that Rift Valley Deputy PC Christopher Musumbu is hopeful the suspects will be apprehended, counting on “good diplomatic relations” between Kenya and Southern Sudan.

Attacks along Nadapal-Lokichogio are reported to have intereferred with flow of business and movements of pepole between Southern Sudan and Kenya. The concerns even become serious with elections in Sudan due in APril.

Nadapal is an area stretching 25 kilometres from the border to Lokichoggio.



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