Sudanese teen dies of stabbing in Canada

Mariak Jok died on Saturday after he was stabbed in Winnipeg. Facebook photo.
(NSV) - A 17-year-old Sudanese teen died on Saturday morning after he was stabbed in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, local police said.  

The victim is identified as Mariak Jok Tuil, whose family is originally from Jonglei. 

“The teen was walking with a 21-year-old friend on the 200 block of Young Street around 5:30 a.m. when they traded words with some people in a car,” said a report by Winnipeg Free Press, a local daily. 

“The fight turned ugly when a knife came out, and both the 17- and 21-year-old men were stabbed. The suspects then fled the scene.

“The younger victim died, while the older man was treated for non life-threatening injuries and released the same day.”

On Monday grieving friends were sharing their thoughts on the late Mariak’s Facebook profile.

One of his friends wrote that “I never thought the last time I was gonna see you was my birthday. And yes, it’s true the good die young. You gotta lot of people missing you and that’s never gonna change.”   

Winnipeg has a rocky history with Sudanese teens. In 2006, two youths originally from South Sudan's Equatoria got in an argument and started stabbing each other inside an apartment.

The police responded when one of the youths made a brief 911 call, the police number.

Upon arriving at the scene the police found one youth wielding a knife on top of his dead friend. Police said they asked the youth to drop the knife but he refused so they shot him. The event shocked the close-knit Sudanese community in Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, police said no arrests have been made in the death of Mariak. The victim has brothers and sisters. 

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